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JJC Yearbook 

Thg Shield 






JJC Yearbook 

The Shield 





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^olict ^Junior College 
^oliet, JlliMois 

. a forward 

:.£ai»:*>'~" ■•- 

The rustling autumn leaves of vibrant hue and the wav- 
ing vines of ivy climbing up the stone wall of the school 
have a poetry about them all their own. These beauties of 
nature remained outside the school as we entered the oaken 
door to renew old friendships and meet new classmates and 

As fall turned into winter, the first snow fell, covering 
the once colorful trees with a white cap. Our interests 
turned to thoughts of the white wonderland, and before we 
realized it, the year was half over. 

Then came spring- -the wind gently blowing the al- 
most barren branches , with their tiny buds beginning to 
open under the warmth of the sun. For nature this was a 
poetical beginning, but for us almost the ending of poetry, 
history, and school. 

Black caps and gowns marked the end of our two years 
at JJC, but replacing the hours spent in school were the 
cool swimming holes, the warm summer rains, and the 
wonderful out-of-doors; and, thus , through nature in all 
four seasons we truly see- Poetry in Motion. 

^ -• 

t- ^ 

"- al?. 

5^ J^ 



V v^.-:^>c$^^^^- ^x.-^y^ .v---:r^ y^^^"^ -A^^%>^^rw%^'--^^, 




Robert P. Burke 


M^s. Vera Smith and M^s. ^//// Jrick - 

During the school day Mrs. Smith may be found 
teaching and applying the uses of good English. Until 
this last year one might also have found her actively 
involved with the yearbook, The Shield. 

Mrs. Smith, who had been the yearbook advisor for 
five years, was followed this year by Robert Burke. 

During those five years, the yearbook grew as did the 
school. With a growing school, Mrs. Smith and her 
staffs had to find new and better ways of remaking The 
Shield to include all the additions to JJC. 

It is for her work on the yearbook these past years 
that we dedicate The Shield of '62 to Mrs. Vera Smith. 

Mrs. Vera Smith- -yearbook 
advisor for five years. 

of the '62 Shield 

for jobs well done . . . 

whether busily typing the "Casuals," sponsoring the 
activities of the Blazer and the Press Club, or doing one 
of the many jobs that can be found to be done in an of- 
fice, Mrs. Frick still finds time to help the Blazer re- 
porters with their stories or the yearbook staff with the 
last minute mailing of copy. 

Since Mrs. Frick came to the junior college office, 
she has been actively involved with the student news- 
paper. Besides writing an occasional headline, Mrs. 
Frick handles the behind-the-scenes workings of the 

It is for her work on the paper that we dedicate The 
Shield of '62 to Mrs. Ann Frick. 

Mrs. Ann Frick- -Blazer 
advisor for three years. 








Hap, rap upcm the well-worn 

stone-, Mow falls the polished hammer 

'John Qreeukaf Whit tier 

BACK ROW: Fred Thompson, Chuck Austin, Lee Young, Duane Paul, Jerry Mikulich, Joe Baker. FRONT ROW: 
Ron Hughes, George Eibel, Dave Perry, George Tate, Wayne Hajduk, Fred Rodriguez. 

Vet's sponsor Mixer. 

The JJC Vets' Club is composed of students 
who have served in Uncle Sam's Armed Serv- 
ices, and now have returned to their studies. 
Besides participating in homecoming activities, 
and a few private parties, the Vets sponsored 
the College Carnival which was a new innova- 
tion for JJC, and also an Easter party for under- 
privileged children. First semester officers in- 
cluded George Eibel, president; Duane Paul, 
vice-president; Lee Young, secretary-treasurer; 
Jerry Mikulich, Student Council representative. 
A new administration took office for the second 
semester: Lee Young, president; Duane Paul, 
vice-president; George Tate, secretary-treasur- 
er; and Rich Norris, Student Council represent- 


SSA Prepares for future 

OFFICERS, Left to right: Ron Petrinos, president; Lee 
Vargas, vice-president; N4rs. Brewer, sponsor; Alma 
Lauffer, Student Council representative, and not pic- 
tured Rosalie Bennett, secretary-treasurer. 

The Student Education Association is a professional or- 
ganization for students interested in teaching as a career, 
rhe JJC Chapter, with an active membership of eighty stu- 
ients, provides important information concerning standards, 
lends, and opportunities in the teaching profession. 

Service, too, holds an important place in SEA activi- 
ies. The group sponsored the reception for guests at home- 
;oming in October, mailed invitations to parents, provided 
I Courtesy Treat for the faculty during American Education 

Connie Roman visits at the Salem Home 

Week, maintained the school's outdoor bulletin board , con- 
tributed to the American Field Service Program atJTHS, 
and presented a musical program and gifts of fruit, maga- 
zines , and home-made cookies to patients at Sunnyhill 

Officers of SEA are: Ron Petrinos, president; Cecilia 
Vargas, vice-president; Rosalie Bennett, secretary-treasurer; 
and Alma Lauffer, Student Council representative. Sponsor 
of the group is Mrs. Grace Brewer. 

SITTING: Janet Williams, Julie Walker, Pat Hunsley, Sharon Cronholm, Lee Vargas, Helen Rothlisberger, 
Michele Curtis, Betty Tabor, Betty Anderson, Marsha Schwartz, Alma Lauffer. STANDING: Loran Kimsey, 
Mary Kay Smith, Lany Morris, Charlotte Sak, John Frattinger, Tom Adamowski, Phyllis Etheridge, Bill Holt. 
Marsha Lubick, Karen Gullicksen, RonSnedic, Lois Zentarski, Bob Bossom, Lynn Freehauf, Bob Viconti, Renee 
Slatton, Tony De Angelis, Harry Eicher. 

fIC Players Very ^Active 

The purpose of the ]C Players organi- 
zation is to extend to all its members the 
chance to participate in theatrical produc- 
tions as actors and also to learn various 
production techniques. The student is 
taught to take his work seriously and to 
portray his role to the best of his ability. 
The emphasis is placed not upon develop- 
ing professional actors but upon instructing 
the students so that they become more fa- 
miliar with the drama. 

This year has been an active year for 
the players. 

OFFICERS, left to right: Debbie Houseknedht, recording secretary; Marty 
Sharp, vice-president: Terry Williams, president; Marsha Stall, secretary- 
treasurer; Lorena Cantrell, Student Council representative. 

BACK ROW: Mr. Daniel McCarter, Debbie Houseknecht, Jackie Jasper, Jay Becher, Joe Edmon, Tony DeAnge- 
lis, Ray Carpenter, Phil Crowe, Lorena Cantrell. SECOND ROW: Pat Hunsley, Penny Wills, Joyce Speckman, 
Marsha Stull, Marty Sharp. FIRST ROW: Joan Sorensen, Terry Williams, Marilyn Simonetti. 


Zkis year 

One of the big highlights was the winning of first 
place in the homecoming float competition and the 
execution of a musical half-time show. In Decem- 
ber the annual student-directed one-acts were pre- 
sented. Several Christmas programs also were 

The second semester activities are highlighted 
by the annual spring play. This year the play "Star 
Dust" is to be presented. In May there is the spring 
banquet with the presentation of the "Oscar Awards" 
to aspiring young actors. We of the ]C Players have 
enjoyed presenting entertainment for the college, 
not so much for the recognition it gives us, but be- 
cause of the enjoyment we can bring to other people. 

Jay Becker, Phil Crowe, Layne Meeker, and Al Levering in "Ar- 
bie the Bug Boy. " 

Marty Sharp and Penny Wills in "Mary Queen of 
Scots. " 

Terry Williams and Joan S or en son in "Hello Out 
There. " 

OFFICERS, left to right: Mr. Donald Bworthy, sponsor; Bob Querio, secretary-treasurer; Rich Hulina, 
president and Student Council representative; and Henry Azuma, vice-president. 

1^l0 year for Sngincers 

The purpose of the JJC Engineers' Club is to help engineering students become better acquainted with 
the profession by having engineers from all phases of the profession speak to the group at regular monthly 

During December the club took a field trip to the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant, and during National 
Engineers' Week in February, club members were guests of the Joliet Chapter of the Illinois Society of 
Professional Engineers for their annual banquet. 

This was a big year for the Engineers' Club, for it fulfilled all requirements to become a student 
branch of the Society of Professional Engineers. The state charter was presented this year, and the na- 
tional charter will be granted next year. At this time Joliet Junior College will become only the second 
college in the country having a Delta Chapter in the Society of Professional Engineers. 

STANDING, left to right: Mr. Esworthy, Ed Barsotti, Dennis Cohil, Dick Jones, Ed Coon, Robert Bal- 
dazzi, Jerry Mikulich, Larry Hartung, Bob Querio, Rich Skinner, Carl Anderson, Matt Bedford, Stan 
Wojciechowski, Ken Fiske, Bill Fraser, Ray Carli, Jay Pelky, Jerry Lakota. SEATED: Tom Grimm, 
Mike Fisher, Rich Hulina, Henry Azuma, Everett Brannberg, Bob Barta, Robert Swindells. 

fSuslHcss Club £ ear US About ^ us i ft ess World 

FIRST ROW, left to right: Marsha McCraith, Sandy Tierney, Dave Sandahl, Marietta Merlo, Nancy Werner, Connie 
Johnson, Monica Clark, Carol Fiser, Betty Anderson, Evelyn Elmore. SECOND ROW , left to right: Bob Haggerty, 
Jim Herringer, Terry Peel, Rich Engelhardt , Gene Egizio, Ward Vaughn, Terry Townsend, JimWiegmann, Mike 
Merfeld, Dave Ewing, Gordon Davis, John Gabel, Bill Dow, Bob Larking, Bob Lewis, Tom Marion, Leslie Yunker, 
Jim Troutman, and Mr. John Corradetti, sponsor. 

OFFICERS, left to right: Jim Troutman, President; Bob Lark- 
ing, Vice-president; Bill Dow, Treasurer; Jim Herringer, Stu- 
dent Council Representative; Nancy Werner, Secretary. 

Students who are seeking a profession in the busi- 
ness world are aware of the advantages of belonging to 
the JJC Associated Business Club. Guest speakers from 
the various areas of business are presented at its 
monthly meetings. These people speak to the mem- 
bers concerning the requirements, opportunities, and 
advantages of their specific fields and conduct infor- 
mal question-and-answer periods following their talks. 
It is through the knowledge gained from these talks 
that many students become enlightened about their 
field of endeavor. 

The most memorable event of the year is the an- 
nual spring banquet. It is at this time that awards for 
outstanding scholarship, loyalty, and leadership are 
presented. The banquet is concluded with the naming 
of the new president for the next school year. 


SMS (^rows 

SMS stands for Students of Medical Science 
of Joliet Junior College and has 135 members. 
SMS is not so much a club as a pre-professional 
career organization, very serious in its purpose 
and quite astonishing in its accomplishments. 

Right to Left, standing: Mr. Edmund Puddicombe, sponsor; Sa 
Wohlgemuth, secretary; Barb Merrell, vice-president; John Gre 
president; Mr. William T. Allen, sponsor; Mrs. and Dr. Morgan; i 
Mr. Glenn Young, sponsor. 

FRONT ROW, left to right: Natalie Gonzalez, Lucy Kurtz. SECOND ROW: Ruth Kruse, Judy Bunton, Barb 
Jock, Lynda Berryman, Linda Held, Dala Kistner, Judy Smith, Linda McCreery, Peggy Carter, Marlene Schwarz, 
Ruth Wilkie. THIRD ROW: Sally Wohlgemuth, Trudy Fenili, Carol Bunte, Bonnie Fetti, Phillis Sing, Nancy 
Nordmeyer, Sharon Winkler, Carol Foutz, Lorna Miller, Jane Berlin, Sherry Balog. BACK ROW: Mr. Young, 
Sue Morganegg, Barb Warren, Marge Friebel, Connie Fiorenzo, Melinda Liggett, Judy Nieman, Karen Anderson, 
Vivian Mondy, Carolyn Harmening, Karen Philipps, Karen Carstens, and Judy Proffit. 

i IMT ^ !^' If 

FRONT ROW, left to right: Larry Kienlen, Joan Erickson, Doris Sandiford, Jane Peterson, Barb Helgeson, B 
Merrell, Melanie Schroeder, Karen McCoy, Sally Jo Siegmund, Suzanne Drazy, Judy Mansholt, Mr. All 
SECOND ROW: John Gregg, Joe Marconi, Larry Morris, Phylis Bodenhamer, Agnes Hawkins, Marie Orosco, ' 
Vargas, Tom Grimm, Jack Needles, Ron Pacin. BACK ROW: Jack Shiffer, Don Neal, J. Loran Kimsey, Ls 
Flory, Robert Hancock, Andy Roechner, Ray Jones, Delmar Richards. 

"K ROW, left to right: Alma Lauffer, Don Young, Mike Kostecki, Barb Johnson, Al Meyers, Sue Altieri. 
IRD ROW: Jerry Hood, Jerry Jackson, Neil White, Vince Gelsomino, Phil Kaveny, Bruce Hirner. SECOND 
W: Bob Sandberg, Bill Wenger, Dick Wright, Dr. Dellinger. FIRST ROW: Bert Reposh, Joe Maielli, Alex 
ncois, Gordon Davis, Margaret Smith, Paul Fisher. 

Jerry Hood, Student Manager 

A Swmgmg Qroup 

The JJC Swingband, under the leadership of Dr. Hal Dellin- 
ger, is indubitably a "swinging group of cats. " Their musical 
ability is displayed on their annual tour and at the spring musi- 
cal. The tuneful accomplishments and performances of the 
Swingband certainly add a musical flavor to JJC and to the tastes 
of all the students. 

The Dixieland Band plays for the Christmas party. 

31IC Choir M^f^^^^s 

Norma Kaman, Jane Griffin, Norm McDonald, Bev Morse, Dave Decman, 
Karen Chancy, Ina Geddes, Judy Evans board the bus for the annual Choir 


The JJC Choir, under the direction of 
Dr. Hal Dellinger, is a very active organi- 
zation throughout the year. Some eighty 
members take a vocal part in the interpre- 
tation of varying modes of music. The 
activity of the choir centers around their 
annual tour, Christmas programs, the spring 
musical, and the Junior College graduation 
exercises. Much effort and cooperation is 
required of each member of the JJC Choir, 
but the rewards and satisfaction attained 
make it worthwhile and enjoyable. 

ROW FIVE, left to right: Paul Fisher, Bob Sandberg, Larry Grable, Ken Lawson, Dale Imig. ROW FOUR: Clyde 
Andrews, Phil Kaveny, Ray Carpenter, Neil White, Joe Maielli, Jim Arnold, John Rice. ROW THREE: Sue 
Altieri, Betty Tabor, Karen Gullicksen, Nancy Gregory, Julie Walker, Barb Allen. ROW TWO: Gwen White, 
Diane Buck, Penny Gregory, Margaret Smith, Sharon Rinehart, Grace Bachmann. ROW ONE: Lila Kenyon, Pat 
Van Dyke, Janice Johnson, Barb Rauworth, Carol Keeffer, Bev Morse. 


Have Smting year 

..^^^O:^^ m^^^' 



Left to right are Choir officers Paul Fisher, vice-president; 
Alma Lauffer, secretary; Julie Walker, treasurer; Bill Wen- 
ger, Student Manager; and not pictured Terry Guidetti, 

Doctor Dellinger discusses new music with accompanist 
and Student Council representative Betty Anderson. 

ROW FIVE, left to right: Mike Onsgard, Bruce Hirner, Bill Wenger, Vince Gelsomino. ROW FOUR: Bert 
Reposh, Don Young, Ken Palmer, Lou Davies, Dick Wright, Art Kureghian. ROW THREE: Donna Zahm, Barb 
Johnson, Debbie Houseknecht, Margie Startz, Joyce Speckman, Phylis Bodenhamer. ROW TWO: Charlotte 
Sak, Sharon Maitland, Stella Holmes, Nancy Klett, Norma Kaman, Sue Lanham, Lee Vargas. ROW ONE: 
Alma Lauffer, Georgia Lofdahl, Judy Erickson, Patsy Prynn, Jane Bolton, Jane Griffin, Betty Anderson. 


X)iscussiOH Club J aces Jssues 

Left to right: Rich Englehardt, Don Boykin, Harry Eicher, Henry Azuma, Ron Kapala, Paul Eisen, Vin- 
cent Amos. 

The Discussion Club, which was newly formed last 
year, held their weekly meetings in the lounge. Here 
members freely and openly discussed a pre -chosen 
topic, thereby avoiding a friendly chit-chat but getting 
a meeting of positive value. 

"That may be, but can you prove it?" Paul Eisen asks 

as Vincent Amos looks on. 

Mr. Birkholz, Sponsor, and Rich Engelhardt discuss mat- 
ters of importance during a Tuesday night meeting. 

The issues discussed included the Berlin Crisis, the nu- 
clear arms crisis, the uproar about the American school 
, '^ system, and several discussions on Christianity and Ju- 
» .^ daism. The club had no officers except for Mr. Birk- 
holz, sponsor, and Paul Eisen, Student Council 




bridge Club 's 7lrst year 

"Does she have a good hand''" wonders Tom 
Nudd as he sees Pat McMahon's smile. 

Student requests for instruction in contract bridge 
resulted in the introduction in January of a new and 
unique club, which soon found twenty-five enthusias- 
tic members bidding, doubling, and redoubling each 
Tuesday evening. Beginners were tutored by experi- 
enced players in the group. 

A bridge tournament for JJC was the main activity 
of the group, with the winners' names engraved on a 

Officers of the group are Larry Morris, president; 
Loran Kimsey, vice-president; Virginia Ward, secre- 
tary-treasurer; and Debbie Houseknecht, Student 
Council representative. Co-sponsors of the club are 
Miss Susan Wood and Mrs. Grace Brewer. 

BACK ROW, left to right: Stewart Noll, Tom Nudd, Jon O'Donnell, Dave Mitzit, John Nicoll, Ken Brainard, Dave 
Ewing. FIRST ROW: Andrea Carnegie, Janice Russell, Pat McMahon, Loran Kimsey, Larry Kienlen, Larry Morris. 


CettermcH Promote Sports . . . 

The 1961-62 year was a school year of vigorous 
activity for the Lettermen's Club. Besides academics 
and participation in sports, the lettermen found time 
to build one of the best homecoming floats in the 
club's history. The 2nd annual WAL-Lettermen dance 
proved to be one of the outstanding social events of 
the spring. 

The club made its usual awards of letter jackets to 
deserving football and basketball players. Awards 
were also given to the most valuable athletes in the 
three major sports, and to the athlete of the year. 

Club officers were Ron Hughes, president; Tom 
Laken, vice-president; Jim Mance, secretary -treas- 
urer; Dave Hennessey, Student Council representative; 
Mr. Gil Bell, sponsor. 

Walt Williams, who was injured during the football 
season, accepts a check from Ron Hughes from the 
proceeds of the Walt Williams Benefit Mixer. 

Left to Right: Bob Bato, Jason Scott, Bill Marco, Tom Laken, Danny Lapikas, Tom House, Bob Kerr, and Joe Fabbre. 


Left to right: Marietta Merlo, Mary Ann Barcus, Bonnie 
Shingler, Be a Zinser, Andrea Carnegie, Janice Russell, 
Joyce Speckman, and Joan Enich were the committee for 
the Mother --Daughter Tea. 

OFFICERS left to right: Miss G. Smith, Sponsor; Joyce 
Speckman, Student Council Representative; Muff Merlo, 
Secretary; Melanie Schroeder, President; Karen Chaney, 
Vice-president; and Susan Grinton, Treasurer. 

WA£ features Attract JC Qirls . . 

The Women's Activity League highlighted the Fall 
season with its Mother- Daughter Tea. Between float 
building, gymborees, swimming parties, and picnics, 
the club featured a hair stylist at one of the monthly 

As spring approached, the WAL and Lettermen 
joined to sponsor "Twilight Magic, " the annual spring 
dance. Chairmen for the semi- formal event were 
Karen Chaney, Vice-president of WAL, and Ron 
Hughes, President of the Lettermen. 

BACK ROW, left to right: Andrea Carnegie, Janice Russell, Janice Voltarel, Karen Viscum, Bonnie Pearson, Barbara 
Merrell, Joyce Speckman, Bertha Schulz, Muff Merlo, Jane Berlin, Miss Smith. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Bennett, 
Pat Van Dyke, Carol Tusek, Marsha Lubick, Margaret Bennett, Mary Ann Lambakis, Mary Ann Barcus, Joan Enich, 
Bea Zinser, Sheryl Grohne, Diann Berge. FIRST ROW: Phylis Etheridge, Pat Zebell, Virginia Ward, Karen Chaney, 
Melanie Schroeder, Bonnie Shingler, Debbie Houseknecht, Susan Grinton, Sandy Pluth. 

b ^- ri ^^ ^ 


Press Club Keeps 

Members of the Press Club kept the student body informed of 
school happenings by working on the school publications, such as 
the college newspaper, The Blazer, which is published monthly, 
and the "Casuals, " which come out three times per week to an- 
nounce club meetings, events, and other noteworthy announce- 
ments. In addition, Lee Vargas and Renee Slatton weekly wrote 
the "Wolf Call" column in a local newspaper. 

Photographers Roy Nelson, left, and Bob 
Kleck at work in the dark room. 

BACK ROW, left to right: Duane Rigg, Curt Caldwell, Bob Visconti, Neal MacDonald, Dave Hurst, Dave Kozlow- 
ski. Ken Tyrell, Joe Kociuba. THIRD ROW: Phylis Etheridge, Alma Lauffer, Jerilyn McKinney, Janet Schumann, 
Pam Gray, Grace Bachmann, Sheryl Grohne, Diann Berg, Aija Jekabsons, Lorena Cantrell , Mr. Burke, Mrs. Frick. 
SECOND ROW: Bev Govoni, Lois Zentarski, Carol Koenig, Martha Sandberg, Nancy Bingaman, Carol Keeffer, Ruth 
Govostis, Connie Govostis, Pat Thompson. FIRST ROW: Pat Zebell, Lee Vargas, Sue Lanham, Bonita Brake, Mar- 
garet Bennett, Betty Anderson. 

RIGHT: Neal MacDonald, Diann Berg, Dave Hurst, 
Sheryl Grohne, and Aija Jekabsons work on the homecom- 
ing float. 

LEFT: Class officers were Neal MacDonald, Student 
Council representative; Betty Anderson, vice-president; 
Mrs. Ann Frick, sponsor; Dave Hurst, president; Carol 
Koenig, secretary; and Mr. Burke, yearbook advisor. 

Students informed of Events . . 

There was not only work for members, but play as well. 
Press Club made a float besides sponsoring a queen candidate, 
Carol Koenig, for homecoming. At Christmas the annual 
party was held at which Neal MacDonald 's parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. C. D. MacDonald, graciously chaperoned. In prepara- 
tion for the Sadie Hawkins Dance, they sponsored a Square 
Dance Mixer. Later in the year they also held a skating party 
and another mixer. 

Carol Koenig, editor-in-chief of the yearbook, 
tries to save the barbeque from Chris Pinn, in- 
dex editor, who seems ravenously hungry. 

"Good to the very last drop, " says Neal MacDonald as he 
stops for a break during a session of hard work. 

Press Club Works on yearbook . . 

Throughout the year, members of the 
Press Club were seen busily writing copy, 
setting updates for taking pictures, and 
then identifying the persons in the pictures. 
Though the job of getting the yearbook out 
seemed, at times, overwhelming, the quiet 
feeling of accomplishment when the year- 
book was completed by far made up for all 
the difficulties encountered during the year. 

Ken Tyrrell and Joe Kociuba decide which pictures will be used for 
the sports section. 

Carol O'Connor, Carol Koenig, and Aija Jekabsons go 
through the tortures of putting out the yearbook. 

Lee Vargas, Bob Visconti, Carol O'Connor, Carol Koenig, 
Mrs. Frick, Carol Keeffer, and Mr. Burke work late into 
the night. 


^^/^r Sports Club bounded . . . 

The Motor Sports Club, which was founded late this year, 
states in its charter that "The general purposes of this organi- 
zation shall be to encourage the preservation, ownership, and 
operation of motor sport vehicles, the promotion of motor sport 
events, the development of driving skill and safe driving prac- 
tices of its members, the encouragement of sportsmanlike con- 
duct and courtesy, and the furtherance of public respect for sport 
vehicles and their drivers. " Members of the club do not need 
to own cars but need only an interest in them to qualify for 

Ken Brainard shows how he felt when his car got 
stuck in a snowdrift. 

OFFICERS: Ken Brainard, treasurer; Bill Fields, 
president; Joyce EUena, social chairman; Steve 
Simpson, se ere tar y; and Bob Sandberg, vice- 

BACK ROW, left to right: Matt Bedford, Bob Flora, Steve Simpson, Ray Carpenter, Jim Clancy. Mike Fisher, Joe 
Kociuba. FRONT ROW: Bill Fields, Jim Pyle, Joyce Ellena, Bob Sandberg, Ken Brainard. 


Student Council Meads School's 

The Student Council is the governing body at 
Junior College. Besides ten in-district students 
and three out-of-d is t r i c t representatives, the 
council consists of officers from both classes, and 
representatives from all organized clubs. All 
business concerning dances, activities, assem- 
blies, elections, recognition of new clubs, ap- 
portioning budgets, and many other problems are 
discussed every week by the council. 

This year's Student Council took action on a 
number of important decisions concerning the 
school; namely, redecorating the smoker, print- 
ing and selling of student directories, operating 
book exchange, and sending representatives to 
various conferences held during the school year. 

Officers for Student Council Jerry Willey, vice-president; Pat 
McMahon, secretary; and Bob Querio, president. 

At the Christmas party Student 
Council sponsored, Melanie Sch- 
roeder and Leona Wicburg tell 
Santa that their presents should 
be tall, dark, and handsome. 

BACK ROW, left to right: Paul Eisen, Jim Herringer, Larry Kienlen, Ralph Alder- 
man, Paul Brower, Dave Kozlowski. FRONT ROW: Jim Troutman, Joyce Speck- 
man, Karen Chaney, Anne Low, Lorena Cantrell, Henry Azuma. 


Maifi ^Activities . . 

In the annual business, The Stu- 
dent Council sponsored the fall for- 
mal, "November Nocturne, " which 
depicted a typical San-Francisco scene 
with its Chinatown, Golden Gate 
Bridge, and Fisherman's Wharf. It 
also sponsored the New Year's Eve 
Dance, Sadie Hawkins Day and 
Twirp Week, put on the Freshmen 
and Sophomore reviews, and handled 
the spring and fall picnics. 

As spring marked the approach of 
graduation, a committee, part of 
which was from the council, sought a 
commencement speaker. Meanwhile, 
other members were busily planning 
the spring formal, which turned out 
to be a high spot in the spring season. 

BACK ROW, left to right: Jim Morris, Neal MacDonald, Bob 
Ouerio, Rich Hulina, Jerry Willey, Jack Simms, Tom Laken, 
Mr. Zaida. FRONT ROW: Ken Lawson, Aija Jekabsons, Jane 
Berlin, Mary Ann Lambakis, Virginia Ward, Janet Tozzi, 
Rick Norris, Scott Rodeghiero. 




Zke bold 
doctrine sanctified by truth, 


teacher 's 

shall spread, throughout the world . 



•A man needs a quiet place to go where his spirit can catch up with his body. 


Assistant Dean 
Long life is denied us; therefore let us do something 
to show that we have lived. --Cicero 

Assistant to the Dean 
The solution to every social problem includes 



Dr. William C. French 
Superintendent of Joliet Township High 
School and Junior College 

John French 

Assistant Superintendent 

BOARD OF EDUCATION: Left to right: William Grinton, Walter A. Mertz, John C. Kingsbury, Verna H. Carey, 
Dr. Robert Geist, W. Howard Lloyd, Dr. Charles Cohenour, Norman A. Keck, Dr. French. 


Secretarial Staff 

Ann Frick 
Grayce Stadler 
Kathryn Dejarld 

Ann Lasinis 

Sondra Flint 
Margaret Arford 
Vernette Comer 



Mr. Birkholz 

Mr. Chase 


Mr. Corradetti 

A Quide to 

Mr. Green 


Mr. Puddicombe 

Medical Sciences 

Dave Berard and his adviser, Mr. Henry Simpson, con- 
centrate on writing his program for the next semester. 


Dr. Dellinger 
Fine Arts 

Miss Emery 

Two- Year Business 

Mr. Esworthy 

Our future 

Mr. P. Johnson 

Mr. Lenich 

Mr. Simpson 
Liberal Arts 
Pre -Journalism 

Mrs. G. Smith 
Home Economics 

Mr. Thompson 
Liberal Arts 


Home Economics 
B. S. . Middle Tennessee State 

M.S. . University of Te 
'What you will be 
becoming today. " 
Home Economics 

B. S. . M. S. . University of tUinois 
Home Economics 

B. S. .M.S., University of Wisconsm 
"We get so soon old and so late smart. 

Start of 


Home Economics 

B. S. . Eureka College 

M.S. , University of 111 


Graphic Aits 

B. S. , M.S. , Stout State Collegi 



B, S. . Morningside College 

M. S. . University of Wisconsin 




i State Nor 
ut of life e 

al University 
ictly what you 

"You'll get 

put into it. " 


Technical Electricity 

B. S. . M. S. , Stout State College 

"Clear as mud- -well, that cover! 

ground. " 



Automotive Technology 

B. S. , Sout State College 

M, A. . Northwestern University 


Wood Shop. Cabinet Making 

B. Ed. , Illinois State Normal University 

M. A. . New York University 



B. S. . Illinois State Normal University 

M. Ed. . Northern Illinois University 

future Careers 


Technical Machine Shop 

B. Ed. , Wisconsin State Teach 

M.S. , University of Illinois 


Director Technical Education 

B. S. , University of Nebraska 

M. A. , University of Chicago 


Salesmanship. Retailing 

B. S. , Eastern Illinois Universit 



B. S. . M.S.. University of Illinoi 



M. S. . Torra University 


Technical Drafting. G. E. D. 

B. S. . James Millikin University 

M. S. . Bradley University 





A.B. . Augustana College 

M. A. , University of Ilhn 

-He who 1 

and 1 

what he knows 

Is one who plows and plo 

and ne 



B. S. , Jamestown College 

f of Minnesota 

I out of i 

M. A. . Uni\ 

-What you % 

depends upon what you put 



B. A. . Concordia College 

M. A. . University of Chic; 

"It takes the big task to m, 

soul. " 





A.B. . B. S. 

, Lincoln College 

M. A. . Uni 

versity of Illinois 

Ed, D. , University of Missouri 




A. B. . Evar 

[sville College 

B. S. . Ohio 


M. A. , Ind: 

lana University 



B. S. . University of Michigan 

M.S. . University of Illinois 

"There is plenty of time to sleep i 

the next world. " 



B. A. . M. A. . University of Wisco 



M. A. , University of Michigan 

"Got the picture''" 




B. S. . Wisconsin State College 

M. S. . University of Wisconsin 

"It's so obvious. ■' 



B. S. , M. S, . Illinois State Norm, 




B. A. . St. Olaf College 

M. A. . University of Wisconsin 

"Output is proportional to input. " 

Conquers J^cw Oceans 



B. S. . Hamline University 

M. A. . University of California 


Human Anatomy & Physiology 

B. S. . M. S. , University of Illinois 

"A good thing to remember; And a 

better thing to do; Is to belong to t 

construction gang; And not the 


B. S. . Springfield (Mass.) College 
M. S. , University of IlUnois 
■'Learning Is an ornament in pros- 
perity; a refuge in adversity; a 
provision In old age. " 

B. S, . Wisconsin State College 
M. S. University of Wisconsin 
Microbiology --Chemistry 
B. S. . Illinois State Normal University 
M. S. . Oklahoma Sute University 
"If at first you don't succeed- -try, 
try again. " 


Uusiness SducatioH 

Accounting. Advertising 


i Sta 

nal Un 

M, A. . Northwestern University 

"Anger is only one lener short of 

danger. " 


Business - Typing 

B. S. , University of Kansas 

"Success will come to him who does 

the best chat he can all the time that 

he can. - 



B. E. . Illinois State Normal University 

M. A. . University of Chicago 

Wc CcatH J^ow for future Use 


Business Education 

B. B. A. . Texas Wc 

M. A. . Northwestern University 

"Do the things that 

count the 


Marketing. Economics. Business Math 

B. B. . Eastern niinois State University 

M. E. . University of ni: 

*Tt all depends on how you look 


Cooperative Office Occup. 

Office Machines, Typing 

B. S. , University of Illinois 

M. S. . Northern Illinois University 

"We must not dream of harvests an 

neglect the toil that produces therr 


Business Education 

B. S, . A. M. , University of Nebraska 

"The secret of finding happiness is not to do what you like i 

but to learn to like what you have to do. " 


Shorthand. Typing. Secretarial Office Practice 

B. S. . University of Illinois 

"Things will grow a lot worse before they can get better. " 

Education - Psychology - jCibrary 


Psychology. Education 

B. S. , DePaul University 

M, A. , Northwestern University 

"A teacher affects eternity; he can 

never tell where his influence stops. " 



B. S. . M. S., Illinois State Normal 


"A good education consists in giving 

to the ix)dy and to the soul all the 

beauty and all the perfection of 

which they are capable. " Plato 



B. A. , Knox College 

M. S. . University of Illinois 

"Education makes a people easy co 

lead, but difficult to drive; easy to 

govern, but impossible to enslave. " 


Oft the 7uture Wc Set Our Sights 


librarian, Depari 

A. B. . Ottai 

as.. M. S. . University of 111 



B. S. , M. S. . University of Dlinois 

"The teacher in a democratic society mi 

"Social Engineer. " Myrdal 


Director Adult Education 

B. E. , Northern Illinois State University 

M. A. , University of Illinois 

"Count your blessings. " 


English and Speech 



B. A. . St. Mary's College 

M. A. , University of Chicago 

■An educated person learns to do the 

thing he doesn't want to do at the 

time he doesn't want to do it, " 



M.S.. New Mexico Western College 

M. A. . University of Illinois 



B. A. . M. A. , University of Chicago 

A Vital Zink 

Letter Writing. Shorthand. Econc 
B. S, . Western Michigan Univers 
M. B. A. , University of Denver 

B. S. , Bradley University 

M. A. . University of Illinois 



A. B. . M. A. , University of niin 



B. A. . Columbia College 

M. A. , New York University 


English, Speech 

B. A. , Gustavus Adolphus College 

M. A. . University of Wisconsin 

"Half a truth is but a lie. " 


B. A. , M. A. . Northwestern Unive 

English and Speech 


A. B. , Monmouth College 
M. A. , State University of Iowa 
■Pick up your cues' ■■ 
English. Rapid Reading 
Ph. B. . M. A. , University of Chic 
"Reading maketh the full man. " 
(Of Studies) Bacon 

A, B. . Monmouth College 
M. A.. University of Illinois 
"Work is love made visible. " 

ft. MliU^HL 

to Our Education 


A, B. . M. A. . University of Illinois 
'Anything worth doing is worth doing 
well. ■■ 


A. B. . Johns Hopkins University 
VI. F. A. . Catholic University 

B. S. . Eastern Illinois University 
M. E. . University of Illinois 



Ph. B. . University of Chicago 

M. A. , Northwestern University 



B. A. , M. A. , Southern Illinois 


"The best laid plans of mice and mi 

gang aft agley. " 



A. B. . Illinois Wesleyan 

M. A. , Northwestern University 

"Speech i% silver; silence is golden. 

JiHC Jrts 


B. M. E. . M. M. E. , University of Kansas 

Ed. D. , Columbia University 

"Work- -don't worry! " 


Head, Department of Music 

B. S, . Pennsylvania State University 

M. A. , Eastman School of Music 



B. S, 

M.S. . University of Wiscon 
When everything else fails- -folio 

Our Cultural Quidc 


Symphony - Music 

B. M. , M. M. . Eastman School of Music 

■■Behold the turtle- -he makes progress only 

when he sticks his neck out. " Conant 



B. A. . Iowa State College 

M, A. . University of Wyoming 

"Art does not imitate, but interpret. " 


uo^ 1-. 

Creativity requires concentration. 




A.B. . DePaul University 

M.A. . University of Illino 


Head, Language Departi 

B. A. . Valparaiso Un 

M. A. . Northwestern Universiry 

Assures Understanding of People 

Mr. Burns points out places of interest on the map of 



B. S. , Ohio University 

"There's a time for some things, 

and a time for all things, a time fo 

great things, and a time for small 

things. ■■ 



B. A. , B. S. . M. A. , University of 







B. s. . MS.. Unlvetsity of Wisconsin 



B. S. , M. S. . Northern Dlinois 




B. S. , M. S. , University of Illinois 

'J acts and Jigurcs Bmphasized for dutun 


Mathematics, Head, Mathematics 


B. S. . M. S. , University of Dlinois 

The best angle Is the 'try-angle". " 

B. S. , M. S. . Eastern Illinois State 
B, A. , Lafayette College 
M. A. , State University of Iowa 



as.. M. S. , Western niinois University 

"There are no great men. just ordinary 

men who are faced with great 

challenges. " 



B. S. . Platteville State College 

M. S. , University of Wisconsin 



B. S. . Eastern niinoIs State University 

M. S. . M. A. . University of nUnoIs 

"Do unto others as you would have 

them do unto you. " 




Social Science 

B. S. , Whitewater State 

M. S. , Northern HUnois Universii:y 


Social Science 

8. S. . Lawrence College 

M. A. , Colorado University 

"The need for social change arises 

from the fact that life and society is 

dynamic and in a constant state of 

flux. Change Is inevitable. You can 

not stop change, you can only delay 

the Inevitable change. " ' 


Economic History 

B. S. , Monmouth College 

M. A. , University of Chicago 

Studies Society - Past, Present, future 



B. S. , M, S. , Southern Illinois 


"The honor of life lies not in words 

but in deeds. " Sophocles 


American Government. History 

A. B. . Hanover College 

A, M. . University of Chicago 
"What does the Constitution say?" 

Business Law, Social Science 

B. A. , EvansvIUe College 

M. A. , University of Kentucky 
"Honesty Is the best policy. " 


Physical Education 


Physical Education, Head Football 

Baseball Coach 

B. S. , M. A., Bradley University 

"You gotta be a dog. " 


Physical Education, Health 

B, E, , Lacrosse Teachers College 

M, A, . Northwestern University 

"I said 32 count'" 


Physical Education 

B, S. , Iowa State University 

M. S. , Drake University 

A Jiealthy ^ody 

Physical Educ 
B. S. . M. S. . 
"All boys put 

University of Hlinois 
[heir pants on one leg 


History of Physical Education 

B. S. , M. S. , University of Minnesota 

"Not failure but low aim is a crime. " 


Physical EducaUon 

B. S. . James Millikin University 

M. S. . Northern niinois University 


Physical Education 


Physical Educarion. Department Head 

B. S. , M. S. . University of Illinois 


Basketball Coach 

A. B. . DePauw University 

"When all think alike there is no 

thinking at all. " 


Physical SducatloH 


Physical Education 

B. S, . Indiana University 


Physical Education 

B. S. , Eastern Illinois Univf 


Physical Education 

B. S. , Northern Illinois Uni- 

(or a Mealtky Mind 


Physical Education 

B. A. . Luther College 


Physical Education, Department Head 

B. S. . University of niinois 

M. A. , Northwestern University 

"A sound mind in a sound body. " 


Physical Education 

B. S. . Illinois State Normal University 

"The things of greatest value are often 

burled the deepest. " 

Physical Education 
B. S. , Northern Illinois University 
Physical Education 

B. S, , Illinois State Normal University 
M. S. . Manicato State College 
"There never was a person who did any- 
thing worth doing who did not receive 
more than he gave. " 
Modern Dance 
M. A. , New York University 
"Divine simplicity costs no less than 
everything. " T. S. Elliot 


Members of the college cafeteria staff are Ella Bolton, Marge Carlson, Ann Svazich, Myrtle Pelkey, Kathleen 
Sweeney, and Kate Stefanski. 

Members of the custodial staff who help set up the 
bleachers in the gym are left to right, back row: 
Joseph Lepacik, Joseph Zan, Andrew Orsini, Joe Di- 
Desiderio, Harold Seehafer, Roy Jensen, Herbert For- 
sell, Donald Holmquist. Front Row: Amos Vogen, 
JoHn Kraker, Lawrence Marsh, Harry Johnson, Ray- 
mond Becker, Joe Gualdoni, and Angelo Borghi. 

Ruthenbeck and Marjorie Nar^ce direct the health 
of the school. 


,-? ...atl^ 







CoHStaHt labor 
of a man 5 spirits, which find 

destroys the flow 

delight in the ekaptge of aetivity 




\ Septembef-y 

■ ■ ' Re^gistratiW'' "^ 
-V ''■ Ffeshman Ofienfiatil 

... ■>. ^-/■.'Scliool. picnic^-' 
-i^ -,-■• Glasses begin / 

pSlecoffiiHg Weekend 

-;-^ I /fx ■-^-- 1 

f^'-^'^llfirk Basketball Game 
J\%^, Jmanksgiving. Holiday 

^t^ -Fall Formal "November ■Nocturne" 

;._,-*•»! fi. ' .. December .; '• > 

^ , . '^^AL Skating party- , 
^^i"-.. .;^Ji»iother-Daaghijef Tea 
r^-^J^^^hristnias Party ~;; 

' "" -^-"^rrChriseftas vacation 

*;- Mew Year's Eve Dance 



> Semester -Final Exams 
^^:' i Ski Trip ■ , -j ,i 

^^s^^i 'Registration >: 

p;^-,r;-'Classes begin 

>5' Twirp Season 

<'% -3 Sadie Hawkins Dan 
\ '^ College Carnival \ \ 



WAL-Lettermen Danti 
Spring Vacation I 

Spring Formal 
Final Exams 

; Commencement 


Come September 

The halls were so- o crowded. These over- crowded 
conditions lead to the passing of a bond issue which 
would alleviate the problem. 

Scott Rodghiero stands guard at the entrance of the 
registration line as the freshmen patiently await 

rhe first few days of school are spent talk- 
ng away the hours. All realize that soon 
tudying will replace the favorite pastime. 

New to JC last year was the Book Exchange. Now it is a thriving business 
whose proceeds are presented in the form of a scholarship to a graduating 



Oh, the amount of food we consumedl The Inwood shelter was 
packed as it started to rain, but the close quarters just added to the 


The first activity of the year sponsored 
by the junior college was the annual fall 
picnic. The purpose of the picnic is to 
meet the new students and renew old ac- 

New friendships were made over the 
muddy puddle used for the tug-o-war and 
have lasted the whole year. 

The baseball and volleyball games at- 
tracted large crowds, while the pie-eating 
contest attracted the more adventuresome 

Tennis is always a popular sport and 
there were many participants, while those 
who liked to walk chased "the elusive lit- 
tle pill" (a golf ball) around the course. 

The girls' tug-o-war was as 
exciting as the boys', but 
just a little bit cleaner. 



Inwood Park provided the wet setting for the 
fall picnic. This was the first event sponsored 
by the school for the school year. 

A muddy Scott Rodeghiero 
announces the next game- -a 
_^ pie-eating contest. 

Wallowing JC boys are engaged in a serious business as each team desperately tries to win and to avoid any more 


Queen Alma Lauffer 


Gracious Alma Lauffer touches her crown, as though won- 
dering if it's still there. 

Betty Anderson 
Business Club 

Jane Berlin 
Lettermen Club 

Carol Koenig 
Press Club 



Along with the queen campaign comes the usual avalanche of posters 
vying for the attention of passing students. 

Carol Harmening 

Mary Ann Lambakis 
Veterans Club 

Penny Wills 
JC Players 

Janet Tozzi 


The week before Homecoming week is filled with many 
poster parties. Deep thought and concentration is shown 
by Carol Koenig and Roy Nelson as they create. 

Stuffing napkins is an endless job, but yet every 
club undertakes the project. 

60th A^^iv^fsary 

The girls' football game provided 
entertainment for all. Penny Wills 
is all set for the kickoff. 

The Alumni Banquet, staged in the high school cafeteria, had the honor of 
having Dr. David D. Henry, president of the University of Illinois, as its 

The stands are filled with anxious students as the JC Wolves pre- 
pare to score another touchdown. 

One of the interesting floats was the Choir's. 

Momecoming Js Crowded With Bvcnts . . 

Every Homecoming is special, but this October 
:here was added the distinction of being the 60th Anni- 
versary Homecoming of JJC. 

An especially busy homecoming weekend began 
with the Alumni Banquet on Thursday evening. Friday 
Drought a stirring show of athletic ability by the girls 
'ootball teams from which the Vet's emerged victor- 
ious over the Lettermen. 

One of the most important events was the crowning 
•>{ the Queen which climaxed weeks of gimmick-get- 
:ing and poster painting by the clubs that participated 
in the campaign. The crowning was the highpoint of 
the Homecoming Dance Friday night. 

Students, alumni, and guests witnessed the fine 
workmanship and originality of the floats in Saturday's 
Darade which ended at the stadium. All eyes were then 
turned on the Wolves as they battled to victory. 

Even though the posters and decorations are now 
torn down, the thrills and excitement of the Homecom- 
ing- -the 60th. --will remain with those who attended. 

Two of the members of the Queen's Court, Sandy Pluth and 
Penny Wills, pass cake out to the football team. 


"A November night (nocturne) in San Fran- 
cisco "--theme for the JJC Fall Formal- -was 
staged Nov. 24 in the school gym. 

To fit in with the San Francisco theme, 
three landmarks were constructed. The Golden 
Gate Bridge was the subject of a fullwall mural 
erected at the North end of the gymnasium. 
Chinatown with its lanterns, bamboo poles, and 
tables for four was frequented by the dancers. 
Fortune cookies containing the predictions for 
the future were eaten. The shanties and the 
fishermen's wharf with its neon signs provided 
the setting for our candid camera. 

As the magic hour of one approached, the 
fog, and dancers rolled out of San Francisco and 
left for home. 

One of the two largest dances of the school year, the Fall 
Formal, attracts many Jolietans and former students. 

formal Migh - 


The Purdue Band provided the tempo for the evening's dancing. 

eights 7all Social MHvltles . 

The calm San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate 
Bridge illuminated by a full moon provides the romantic 
setting from the "Terrace. " Neal MacDonald and Bonnie 
Nieland stop for a minute between dances. 

A month before the dance was to be held, com- 
mittees met to decide on the decorations and the 
colors to be used. Not until a few days prior to the 
formal were the committees able to begin decorat- 
ing the gym. Working frantically to finish before 
the dancers arrive are Jon Pohl, Barb Merrell, Jerry 
Willey, and Bonnie Pearson. 


Jaces Show Why the 


lormal Js a Success . . . 


SEA members are anxiously awaiting the next word of 
their human spelling bee. One of the largest groups at 
JC, the party was held at the Y. M. C. A. 

M olid ay Spirit 

Neal MacDonald's Christmas is com- 
plete, he now has his own Flintstone 

The most important person at any Christmas party is, 
of course, the jolly man in red. Santa listens with 
a twinkle in his eye as Leona Wicburg mentions a 
last minute wish. 

what is a Christmas party without food? Press Club 
president, Dave Hurst, gives the necessary equipment 
(plates) to Lois Zentarski and Aija Jekabsons. 

Invades JJC . . . 

An original Christmas tree. 

The SMS party was held in the home ec. rooms a few days before Christmas. After a delicious dinner, slides were 
shown and the evening ended with the singing of Christmas carols. 



while JC students make merry inside, a visitor suddenly appears. 


SEA members look pleased. 
Wonder who's coming? 

Stops . . 

Sadie MawkiHS 

Avery successful Twirp Season offi- 
cially got underway on February 23 with an 
ice skating party at Inwood, sponsored by 
the SMS. The following Wednesday a 
"gymboree. " sponsored by the Letterman's 
Club and WAL, was held in the gym. End- 
ing the season was the Sadie Hawkins 
Dance on March 3. This was an exciting 
affair which produced some of the most 
hilarious outfits seen in these parts. 

Aija Jekabsons enjoys refreshments at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. 

Penny Wills, Sandy Celeznik, Leona Wicburg, Sue Grimpe, Diane Lockwood, and Sally Wohlgemuth 
model their charming outfits at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. 

T)ance Ends Zwitp Season 

The gals are all lined up for the 
next dance but there seems to be 
something missing. 

Carrying out the tradition of Twirp 
Season Barb Merrell, Melanie 
Schroeder, and Bertha Schulz carry 
books for Larry Kienlen, Ralph 
Alderman and Neal MacDonald. 

Db Querio, Bob Sandberg, Andy Kotowicz, Neal MacDonald, Dave Warthen, and Tom Kienlen show 
hat is being worn by the well dressed man these days. 

Zhe Zimc the Woman Js 

Russ Hartley called for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. 

Tom Kienlen seems to have been claimed 
by a determined gal. 

Swing your partner. 

Gordon Kay and Bonnie Pearson enjoy playing london bridges 
falling down or is it something else? 

Kequested to Pay 

It seems that Ann Low 
doesn't like what is being 
poured into her glass. 

Mary Ann Lambakis looks like she is 
having fun. 

Ralph Alderman and Leona Wicburg represent a typical Li'l Abner and 
Daisy May. 


The Chessmen were popular with JJC students. 

Not just students attended the mixers, but also faculty 

Ml^^^s Provide Collegians 

An informal, spur-of-the-moment mixer was held in the 
smoker at the beginning of the semester. The talents of 
these five boys entertained the JJC'ers for an hour. 

The "circle" dances gave the 
dancers an opportunity to meet 
new partners. 

Russ Hartley was the featured caller 
at the Press Club square dance. 

Mel Schroeder, Lee Wickburg, and 
Rich Carlson seemed to have a wonder- 
ful time, but what happened to 
poor Gil Jacobs? 

Zhc Zwist 

The Lettermen's Club sponsored an after-game mixer benefit for foot- 
ball player Walt Williams. The money raised was used to help defray the 
medical expenses incurred by Walt during the football season. 

Highlighting the dance was the Twist Contest which almost everyone 

a Ckance for Sociali2ing . 

Penny Wills looks determined to win 
as she and Nick Kobe "twist. " 

"Say, Martha, do you suppose we 
could do that?" 

"Do you really think we ought to 
try it, Artie?" 

"No. " 
This is how the twist should be done. 
The judges agree, and Pat and partner 
are announced the Champion 

Marilyn Simonetti delivers 
her campaign speech for 
student council as. . . 

Marty Sharp quickly runs 
through hers. 

^Assemblies A^c Meld 

Norm McDonald shows fine form as he performs on the 
trampoline during the Freshmen Assembly. 

Neal MacDonald seems to have lost a word while telling the group why he 
would be a good representative. 


for M^^y Keasons . . 

'Whatever happened to that protective shield you were talking about, 
jcott?" quips Ron Hughes after receiving a pie in the face. 

After being challenged by the freshmen to produce a show 
better than their own, the sophomore cast of the "Review" 
assist "Mitch Miller. " 

A shy Gordie Kay in a scene from the "Sopho- 
more Review". . . 

surprised forward Jon (i) O'Donnell. 

"Mitch Miller" leads the audience in a pre- 
Christmas sing. 

i li K 



The Student Union at Normal held the Yearbook Confer- 
ence in October. The annual event is well attended. 

JC's faculty travels, too. Mr. Zaida and Miss 
Chapin attended the annual Junior College 

The mock UN meeting has been held for several years now. JC'ers participating in this year's meeting are: Aija 
Jekabsons, Jane Berlin, Paul Eisen, and Jim Herringer. The sponsor is Mr. Birkholz. 

'<! .1 "^1 J * I 




Zrai/ei . . . 



A leisurely evening is spent at the lodge with food, 
fun, and lots of talking. 

This quartet of skiers is in a jovial mood, despite a 
few falls. 


Aija Jekabsons is set to go just as soon 
as she gets the word. 


Luther shows Jane Berlin the antiques that decorate 
the Hostel. 



School J dm ties Kotate 

'^^^r M^B^^^^^^^^^B 

I '^B 

' \ 



■^t .-^ '^ 


^A Summary of 

t * * * » t « ■ » tYI^V * ife 

!_ KB K JK- IR Ml *,J .^^^^.^_- 

Student jCife . . 


•r U 

^, ^ 


A jCast Cook 

at Actmtles . 







M^ h^^J't ivill l^^^f • • • ^^^ (/ ^^11) 

ang my wreath oh this world-honored man 

panics Hussdl Cowell 





Our Wolves share the Illinois Junior 
College Conference title with Wnght JC of 
Chicago, each having three wins and a 6-6 
tie with its co-champion. It was the first 
JJC title since football began here in 1949. 


Assistant Coach George Fahrenholz 
Coach Gilbert Bell 


Action OH the 7ield 

Halfback Jason Scott gains yardage under eyes of referee. 


Ken Pellegrini 

The goal gets closer as the yards add up. 


7 2 7 

i^" ./. 

BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Joe Fabbre, Carl Anderson, Joe Kuban, Les Stubblefield, Larry Goggins, Jim Bryan, 
Loren Miller, Norman MacDonald, John Rubocki, Lou Gaefke, George Eibel, Rich Dombrowski. MIDDLE ROW: 
Larry Troutman, Ken Pellegrini, Dave Warthen, Ron Hughes, Tom House, Jim Glavan, Donel White, Bob Martin, 
Denny Lapikas, Bob McDaniel, Dennis Strong, Jim Hrusosky, Ted Borowski. TOP ROW: Joe Simon, Walt Williams, 
Bob Kerr, Roger McDaniel, Bob Boban, Bob O'Dell, Bill Marco, Jim Mance, Steve Long, Jason Scott, Dave Hennes- 
sy, Jim Sykes, Bob Bato. 

Joliet Junior College's championship football team 
placed six men on both offensive and defensive Illinois 
Junior College conference teams, with three each on 
the first and second teams. 

On the offensive first team, picked by the confer- 
ence coaches, fullback Ken Pellegrini, left halfback 
Jason Scott and right guard Steve Long were placed. 
On the second offensive team, right end Joe Simon, left 
tackle Jim Hrusosky and quarterback Denny Lapikas won 

Defensive first team spots went to middle guard 
Steve Long, linebacker Ken Pellegrini and defensive 
halfback Roger McDaniels. Picked for the defensive 
second team were end Ron Hughes, tackle Bill Marco 
and linebacker Dave Hennessey. 

Former Joliet Catholic star, Pellegrini, and Wil- 
mington import Long, were the only two to make both 
the first offensive and defensive squads. Both men are 
freshmen and will be back with coach Gil Bell's team 
in 1962. 

Other returning lettermen to next year's squad will 
be end Joe Simon, tackle Jim Hrusosky and quarter- 
back Denny Lapikas, with all- conference honors. 








- 1 

Woe king, Zackling Afc the M^i^stays of football 

Lapikas (29) hands off. 

Mud makes any player slippery. 



Illinois Junior College Conference champion Joliet JC 
dominated the all- conference team with three selections 
to the 10-member squad. The team was announced by the 
Harvey Tribune. 

Ed Edson and Glenn Bates, the Wolves' 6-4 forwards, 
and 5-9 guard Charlie Brown made the squad; Brown was 
one of three freshmen named to the all-IJCC unit. 

All three averaged at least 19 points per game in lead- 
ing Joliet to a 25-2 regular season record and a 10-1 con- 
ference mark. 

Brown, former JT standout who came to JJC after an 
army stint and a year at Bradley University, led the team 
with 607 points, a 22. 5 average and a . 509 shooting per- 
centage. An able ball-handler and aggressive defender, 
he also topped the squad in 
free throws with 105. 

Bates, another JT grad, 
sank 593 points for a 21. 9 av- 
erage while Edson, former 
Lockport star, had 538 and a 
19. 9 mark. Both are adept 
defenders who give the Wolves 
plenty of rebounding strength. 















i ^ \ -* 




i '. ^? 

*^^ ^ 


1 1'. 

i^' I 

Quick Zhinking Qains Points 


Easy Ed Edson and Larry Mathisen seem 
to be saying to each other, "think they 
realize they can't get the ball. " 

This is a typical scene from an un- 
ending source of energy, 
Charlie Brown 







Lyons JC 


Amundsen JC 

Joliet JC 


Joliet JC 


Thornton JC 

7 1/2 

Wright JC 


Joliet JC 

7 1/2 

Joliet JC 

14 1/2 

Morton JC 


Morton JC 


Joliet JC 


Joliet JC 

14 1/2 

Lyons JC 


Thornton JC 

6 1/2 

Joliet JC 


Joliet JC 

8 1/2 

Amundsen JC 1/2 

Joliet JC 14 1/2 


Left to right: Ron Peterson, Bob Aggazi, Rick Scheuber, John Peceniak, Lou Vercelote, and Coach Marshall 


Left to Right: Pat Mahoney, Connie Roman, Pat Kuzminski, Miss Mary Brodie, sponsor; Joyce Speckman, captain; 
Kathy Richards, and Penny Wills. 

A familiar but pleasurable sight. 






Sack venture is 

new begiHH'iHg . . . 

Z.S. Sliot 



l^^" ^ 


^^^. . .F^''.^ 

Thomas Adamowski 
David Adamson 

Loran Kimsey gives Carol O'Connor the necessary 
papers needed for registration. 

Fred Aellig 
Bob Agazzi 
Dorothy Agnew 
Rosemarie Airola 
James Albert 
Martha Alderman 

Barbara Allan 
Lucille Allen 
Terrence Allison 
Tom Allison 
Sue Altieri 
Frank Ambrose 

Sam Ambrosini 
Elbert Amos 
Carl Anderson 
George Anderson 
Karen Anderson 
Paulette Anderson 

Rita Andrew 
Clyde Andrews 
Kathy Ansley 
Carol Ann Ardaugh 
Jim Arnold 
Al Astbury 

Charles Austin 
Judith Ann Baber 
Grace Bachmann 
Terry Bailey 
John Bajt 
Maty Frances Bajt 


Nate Baker 
Robert Baldazzi 

Duane Gronwold says to Kathy Nicholls 
this barbecue really is great. " 

Ken Balma 
Sherry Balog 
John Baltz 
Sam Barcelona 
Mary Ann Barcus 
Tom Barrowman 

Ed Barsotti 
Robert Barta 
Judy Barten 
Charles Baxa 

Hans Bayer 

Matt Bedford 
James Benac 
Richard Benedict 
Rosalie Bennett 
Rita Benz 
DiAnn Berg 

Jane Berlin 
Lynda Berryman 
John L. Bertino 
John Bertino 
Gary Bieritz 

Rich Biernat 
Mary Lou Biggs 
Ned Bilecki 
Nancy Bingaman 
Pam Blaesing 
VVilla Blood 

Pursue Jh teres ts: lood 

I i. \ f .' 


% iJ-> 


i^^'C :l 

C ^ O |f^ CT) 

Robert Blunck 
Bob Boban 
Phylis Bodenhamer 
Jane Bolton 
Earl Booth 
Tom Borg 

Ted Borowski 
Bob Bossom 
Diana Bost 
Dale Bottino 
Alfred Boyd 
Ted Boydston 

Joseph Boylan 
James Bozicevich 
Franklin Bradach 
Bonita Brake 
Lloyd Brandau 
Tom Briese 

Diane Brown 
James Brown 
Sandy Brown 
Jim Bryan 
Dale Bukes 
Larry Buldak 

Carol Bunte 
Judith Bunton 
Chuck Burgess 
David Burke 
Carol Burnham 
George Burris 

I guess that Al and Joe just don't like the barbecue. 

'^jjJl -4^^%4^^ ^ 

.^ f 


^j^'Mk^ ''^^ 

Zhe Studying 

Bill Campos 
Brian Cann 
Lorena Cantrell 
Al Cap 
Walt Cargle 
Gerald Carlos 

James Carlos 
Donald Carlson 
Harold Carlson 
Joyce Carlson 
Ray Carpenter 
William Carrier 

Frank Carson 
Karen Carstens 
Linda Carter 
Margaret Carter 
Danny Caruso 
Gordon Case 

Brian Cassem 
Patricia Cassiday 
Ronald Casson 
Tom Cerven 
Jeff Chandler 
Karen Chaney 

Madonna Churchill 
William Ciluffo 
James Clancy 
Barbara Clark 
Monica Clark 
LeRoy Clavenna 

Working hard or hardly working' 




Donald Confiliano 
Roger L. Conlisk 

Can't you let a girl study in peace? 

Glen Converse 
Edward Coon 

Martin A. Cooper 
James Cottingham 
Ronald Cox 

Joseph Coyne 
James Crater 
John Cullick 
Keith Cullick 
Pauletta Cummings 
Patrick Cusick 

Tom Danzero 
Jon Oaoust 
James Darin 
John Darin 
Dennis Davenport 
John Da vies 

Freida Marie Davis 
Gordon T. Davis 
Janet Davis 
Sharon DeAcetis 
Gary Dean 
Tony DeAngelis 

Ronald Dearth 
David Decman 
Dennis Delockery 
David DeZee 
Joseph Diamond 
Vince DiBenedetto 


Students Mi^ 

Joseph F. Dionne Jr. 
Tony Ditello 

Jim, I just have to get this assignment done 

Charlotte Dorris 
Billie Dorrisey 
Bert D'Ottavio 
Earla Mae Douglas 
David Dow 
William Dow 

Thomas Doyle 
Suzanne Drazy 
Paul DuFour 
Darryl Dupre' 
Barbara Dupee 
Sharron Durbin 

Normal DuVal 
Walt Dziurawiec 
Rose Edmonds 
Karen Edwards 
James Egan 
Eugene Egizio 

Mariana Egly 
Jay Eichholzer 
Donald Eken 
Larry Ellegood 
Evelyn Elmore 
Richard Ely 

Kent Engel 
Joan Erickson 
Judy Evans 
David Ewing 
Joseph Fabbre 
Glen Fabian 

Study and Pleasure 

Barbara Failing 
Robert Fallinske 
Stanley Fallman 
David Farmer 
Robert Farr 
Sandra Farr 

Angela Fassio 
Trudy Fenili 
David Fenoglio 
Mary Lou Ferak 
Jane Ferguson 
Dwight Feryance 

Bonnie Fette 
William E. Fields 
Connie Fiorenzo 
Richard Fish 
Michael Fisher 
Raymond Fisher 

Students Prepare for 

Julien Frost 
Gerry Gabrielson 
Louis Gaefke 
Leonard Gaines 
Warren Gallinger 
Francis Gans 

Ronald Gans 
Phil Gariboldi 
Gene Gartke 
Betty Gavin 
John Gavin 
Ina Geddes 

Vincent Gelsomino 
Robert Gerencher 
Shirley Getson 
Russ Gilmour 
Joan C. Givens 
Robert Glenn 

Larry Goggins 
Dennis Golobitsh 
Natalie Gonzales 
James Goodson 
Mary Ann Gosack 
Beverly Govoni 


Duane Gronwold 
Dennis Grossman 
Mary Grotewold 
Judi Gruber 
Frank Gutierrez 
John Hadala 

Kathy Hall 
Richard Hallihan 
Casimir Hamerla 
James Hamrin 
Mike Hamrin 

Robert Hancock 
Barbara Hardy 
Carolyn Harmenin^ 
Janet Harris 
Sharon Hartell 
James Harvey 

Jerry Harvey 
Ronald Hatton 
Agnes Hawkins 
Christy Haynes 
Evelyn Hays 
Douglas Haywood 

Barbara Hegstad 
Raymond Heintz 
Bernard Heinz 
Douglas Heisner 
Linda Held 
Andrew Helgeson 


^3 JUT ' 


Some freshmen head for the smoker between classes. 

Larry Hinchcliffe 
Robert Hinze 
Bruce E. Hirner 
Virginia Hirsch 
William Hoaglund 
Mary Lou Hoffrogge 

Earl R. Holmes 
William Holt 
Allen Horwitz 

Keith W. Howland 
Ronald Hrehor 
James Hrusosky 

Ronald Hutchings 
Kay Hutt 
Martha Huxtable 
Jerry Jackson 
David Jaeger 
John Jakovich 

Ed Jarotkiewicz 
Aija Jekabsons 
Barbara Jock 
Barbara Johnson 
Connie Johnson 

Gerald A. Johnson 
James Johnson 
James Joe Johnson 
Janice L. Johnson 
Leonard Johnson 


Kelax j^etween Classes 

Ronald Johnson 
Thomas Lee Johnson 
Ronald Johnston 
Raymond Jones 
Richard Jones 
Diane Jontes 

David Jorges 
Stephen Jostak 
Thomas Jurkovich 
Norma Kaman 
Ronald Kapala 
Jana Karges 

Phillip Kaveny 
Judy Keca 
Carol Lynn Keeffer 
James Kelly 
Lila Kay Kenyon 
Gordon Kettman 

Fannie Lou Keys 
David King 
Kenneth King 
Daniel Kinsella 
Dala Kistner 
Robert Kleck Jr. 

Robert Klinger 
Thomas Klover 
Thomas Knarr 
Joseph Kociuba 
Merwin Kohl 
Thomas Kompare 

Sharon Korelc 
Sharon Korst 

Jim Morris and Sam Barcelona relax in the lounge 
with other JJC'ers. 

David Kozlowski 
Dennis Krapf 

9 res k me ft Set the 

Joseph Kreten 
George Kristofer 
Martha Kruck 
Robert Krull 
Ruth Kruse 
Maria Kump 

Patricia Kuzminski 
Thomas Lackey 
Tom Lagger 
Lynn Laird 
Jerry Lakota 
Fred Lane 

Gary Langeland 
Sue Lanham 
Denny Lapikas 
Robert Larking 
Ralph Larson 
Kathy Layfield 

Lonnie Leathers 
Louise Leifheit 
Tom Levek 
Al Levering 
Kathryn Lewandowski 
Gene Lewellyn 

Arthur Lewis 
Marlene Lewis 
Dale Lichtenwalter 
Melinda Liggett 
Jim Limbach 
Ronald Limebeck 

Marty Sharp, Kathy Layfield, and Mary Ann Gosack 
ride the JC Players' float. 

Georgia Lofdahl 
George Long 





?^ew Styles 

Marsha Lubick 


Freshmen girls entertain at freshmen assembly. 

James Lukancic 
Frank Lukancic 
Sharon Lukanich 
Bill Lynch 
Joanne Macaluso 
Neal MacDonald 

Norm MacDonald 
Joseph Maielli 
Sharon Maitland 
Mildred Malinovich 
Carol Mandeville 
Richard Manning 

Sue Manner 
Robert Manse 11 
Judy Mansholt 
Bob Manzke 
Jim Marchio 
John Martin 

Michael Martin 
Bob Martin 
Dennis Marzec 
Donna Maske 
Duane Maue 
Robert Mauer 

Diane McCleary 
Marilyn McComb 
Karen McCoy 
Marsha McCraith 
Linda McCreery 
Ronald McCure 



Robert McDaniel 
Edna McEwen 

Sandy Brown takes notes on a lecture. 

Patricia McNear 
Jack McNichols 
Layne Meeker 
Carl Melin 
Claude Menees 
Lawrence Meyer 

Robert Meyer 
Rowland Meyer 
Susan Meyer 
Jim Mickelson 
Joe Midlock 
John Miklic 

Jerome Mikulich 
Arnold Miller 
Judi Miller 
Loren Miller 
Lorna Jean Miller 
Edward Mitchell 

Barbara Mlakar 
Donald Molnar 
Vivian Mondy 
Rick Moore 
Gary Moores 
David Morelli 

Sandra Morgan 
Susan Morgenegg 
Jim Morris 
Beverly Morse 
Pam Mortimer 
Joan Muhich 


Michael McKeon 
Mike McLain 


CcatM in the Classroom 

Sue Murrie 
George Mushro 
Richard Mutz 
Jim Myers 
Roy Namchick 
Donald Neal 

Jack Needles 
Joyce Nelsen 
Gordon Nelson 
Lynda Nelson 
Richard Nelson 
Rov Nelson 

Richard Nemanich 
James Nemecek 
Allen Nemeth 
Roberta Newcomb 
Kathy Nicholls 
Judy Niemann 

Nancy Nordmeyer 
Rober: Norris 
Jim North 
Harold Norton 
Thomas Nudd 

Jack Nussbaum 
Mel Oard 

Virginia Obermayer 
Carol O'Connor 
Dennis O'Connor 
Robert O'Dell 

Barbara Rauworth is looking for a needle in a haystack 
. . . I mean, a nucleus in a cell. 

Roger Olson 
Marie Orosco 

Jreskmen Participate in 

Louis O'Shea 
Susan Osmus 
Janet Osterholtz 
Ronald Pacin 
Kenneth Palmer 
Bea Papesh 

Clyde Parnell 
LaVonne Pasternak 
James Patterson 
Duane Pau 
Gloria Peceniak 
John Peceniak 

Richard Peckenpaugh 
Terry Peel 
Jay Pelkey 
Karen Pelton 
Gerard Peppard 
Jane Peterson 

Ronald Peterson 
Sandy Phelps 
Karen Phillips 
Ray Pillion 
Beverly Piatt 
Henry Province 

Club Activities 

Janet Tozzi and Sharon DeAcetis work on the Student 

Bert Re posh 
Pat Restaino 
John Rice 
Delmar Richards 
Kathie Richards 
Gordon Richardson 

Duane Rigg 
Jim Roach 
Donna Roberts 
Kathy Robinson 
Faye Rodgers 
Henry Rodriguez 

Andy Roechner 

Raul Rojo 

Jack Rolih 

Jeff Roots 

Mary Lou Rosczyk 

John Rubocki 

Marianne Ruddy 
Michael Rodney 
J. Robert Russ 
Sandra Rust 
Lawrence Ruettiger 
Bob Saieg 

Charlotte Sak 
Kenneth Sandberg 
Robert Sandberg 
Lawrence Santini 
Bob Sarcletti 
James Schmucker 


Students Keep 

Judy Schuler 
JoAnn Schultz 

Are you worried about the world situation, Dick 

Janet Schumann 
Jim Schwartz 
Martha Schwartz 
Marlene Schwarz 
Mitch Schwarz 
Roger Secor 

John Seehafer 
Dianne Seaman 
Suzi Semitekol 
Roy Senffner 
Marty Sharp 
Bob Shaw 

Gerald Shepherd 
William Sheridan 
Jack Shiffer 
Bonnie Shingler 
Gerald Shope 
Judi Sicinski 

Marvin Siddall 
Joe Simon 
Marilyn Simonetti 
Steve Simpson 
John Sims 
Phyllis Sing 

Dennis Singleman 
Frank Sitar 
Karen Skinner 
Mary Alice Slana 
Donna Slater 
Bruce Smith 

up With CutteHt Events 

Carlton Smith 
Judith Smith 
Julia Smith 
Margaret Smith 
Mary Kay Smith 
Ann Snider 

Joan Sorensen 
John Sparks 

James Speicher 
James Spina 
Nancy Staehling 
Janet Stalzer 

Sally Stanfield 
Charles Stanley 
Gerald Stapleton 
Karen Steffes 
Tom Steiger 
Robert Stelter 

Carol Stempien 
Barbara Stephens 
James Stine 
Bruce Stone 
Michael Stone 
Dennis Strong 

Joseph Strong 
Hilda Stroup 
Lester Stubblefield 
Dennis Sullivan 
Paul Svendsen 
Bob Swindells 

What do we have here? 


Students /// the 

Stephen Tadey 
Louis Tapella 
George Tate 
Robert Thomas 
Fred Thompson 
Patricia Thompson 

Timm Thorsen 
Marc Togliatti 
Terry Townsend 
Thomas Townsend 
Janet Tozzi 
John Traven 

Merikay Triner 
Edward Troughton 
L. Robert Trouper 
Charles Turcotte Jr. 
Carol Tusek 
Kenneth Tyrrell 

John Ulrich 
Rosemarie Varju 
Roger Varley 
Ronald Vasile 
Margaret Vercellotti 
Andrew Verchimak 

Kathleen Vidmar 
Karen Ann Viscum 
Janice Voltarel 
Bernard Wahl 
Arthur Walker 
Virginia Ward 

Rae Weldin types material for Mrs. Brewer 





William Weatherly 
Carolyn Lee Weibeler 

Afternoons find Connie Johnson working in the Adult 
Education Office. 

Ronald Werner 
Brian West 
Donel White 
Gwendolyn White 
Neil E. White 
Robert Whitler 

Wayne Widner 
Michael Wiechen 
Janeann Wilharm 
John Wilhelm 
Ruth Wilkie 
Richard Wille 

Larry Wilson 
Pat Wilson 
Donald Wingler 
Sharon Winkler 
Maxine Wizorek 
Sally Wohlgemuth 

Stanley Wojciechowski 
Robert L. Wolf 
Carol Wolfe 
Laura Woodward 
Robert L. Wright 
Mahir Yapilioglu 

Dean Larry Ya through 
William Yocum 
Gary Yocum 
Dennis Young 
Joseph D. Young Jr. 
Richard Young 


John Marshall and Delmar Richards walk down the stairs after the 
close of another day. 

Donna Zahm 

.' ^*^ 

-^ - 4 

Lois Zentarski 

Leslie Zettergren 

Beatrice Zinser 

Robert Znidarsic 


^^. Walt Cargle thinks of all his home- 
\ work, or is it his Saturday night date'' 

M^i'^ ^reshmeHl 

Freshman class officers meet to discuss plans for the year. Jim Arnold, president; Janet Tozzi, secretary; and Jim 
Morris, vice-president, talk over their ideas. 

Jay Berlinsky 
Marianne Bracken 
Charlie Brown 
Jerry Burzawa 

Geraldine Carlson 
Nicole Carlson 
Ted Carlson 
Don Carter 

Larry Casserilla 

Raymond Czajkoski 

Pat DeMink 'I! '-»?» 

Frank Dickey 



Elsie Dooley 
Jo Ann Duso 

Concentration is the key to good grades! ? 

Joan Ferguson 
Carol Frattini 
Gary Galick 
William Gay 
Karen Geuther 
Michael Gosack 

Mark Graham 
Robert L. Graham 
Tom Griffin 
Margaret Grubbs 
Janice Hacker 
James G. Hickey 

Doris J. Holmes 
Dennis Horvat 
Rudy Horvath 
Scherlye Hutcherson 
Carol Jennings 
Ed Johnson 

Robert L. Jungles 
Tom Kousathanas 
Thomas Kousathanas 
Charlotte Kwiatek 
Bruce Lewin 
Tom Lockhart 

James Lois 
Robert Lytle 
William J. Malinowski 
Joe Marconi 
Charles Marshall 
Jerry Marvick 


■O ^ ^x f^j 



Welcomes JSJew Students 
f^\ O ffk 

Albert McCullum 
Robert F. Merrick 
Donald R. Murphy 
Stuart Noll 
Shirley Oseman 
Robert A. Paluck 

Eileen Paul 
Kathy Pickett 
Larry Pirc 
Judy Proffit 
Francis Ramuto 
Rita Roy 

Janet Reeves 
Tom Resutko 
James J. Rungaitis 
Nancy Seller 
Sally Jo Siegmund 
Betty Sims 

Louis Sineni 
Karen Skikas 
Ronald Snell 
Jim Stanley 
William Tallman 
Steven Tunell 

Linda Van Dyke 
Victor E. Venturo 
Carolyn Vespie 
Ralph Waldhouser 
Warren Wilson 
Virginia Wrona 

"Not everyone has one of those! ' 

Some Freshmen can do 
unusual things. 

"He thinks I'm going to pay for our date 
Saturday night. " 

"Who substituted Sleep- eez 
for my No-Doz?" 


Freshmen girls show determina- 
tion in the tug-of-war at the all- 
school picnic. 

23, Skiddoo! 

"It's what's up front that counts. " 


"All right, you guys let's smear 

'em. " 

"Ya got to hug 'em every 
morning, " sings K4arty Sharp at 
the Freshmen assembly. 

"Would you mind explaining that ^ 


"I think I should have started 
studying for this test earlier. " 

"The cafeteria was too crowded 
today. " 

"Um, barbecue!" 


]n M^^odam 

Jacqueline Sue Thontlin, known by everyone as Jackie, was a business major at Joliet Junior College. She 
participated in many school activities, especially those concerning JC Players, and also was very active in 
her church. She attended Sunday School for thirteen years without an absence, was a Sunday School Leader, 
Adult Youth Leader, and member of the Church Jr. Choir. All those who knew Jackie will remember her 
smiling face, friendliness, good will and loyalty. 






M^^^ ^^ ^ sophomore 

just for tonight . 

J^ormaM Zhomas 


• • $ A 9^0 « 9^9' 


Sophomore Class Officers 

From Scort Rodeghiero: 

To posterity and for the annuals of history I earnestly entreat that the precedent initiated by the renowned class 
of 1962 resulting in the creation of that magnanimous spectacle known affectionately as the Sophomore Revue, the 
epitome of theatrical splendor, become an annual affair for students and faculty to anticipate with excitable fervor. 
Consequently, the class of 1962 will live on in the hallowed halls of JJC in the unforgettable form of a histrionic 
thrill brought to you through the courtesy and competency of the Sophomore Class. 

From Ken Lawson: 

It is at this time of the year when you, the student body, look back through the events of the preceding school 
term. Starting with the all school picnic in the fall through the formals, and finally the sophomores' departure at 
graduation, you ponder the question of whether this was a successful year for the school, the student body, and you, 
yourself. As you reflect, numerous other activities come into mind. Some of these were fun-filled, others of a 
more serious nature. However, all of them played an important role during the school term. All of these events and 
activities took leadership in one form or other. Whether it came from class officers, the Student Council, various 
clubs, or the committee^ it was there when it was needed. This leadership ability is what will make or break a 
school's spirit. I, in behalf of the different club and class officers, hope that we have succeeded in planning and 
carrying out a year that all students will remember. I further hope that this fine new leadership will be continued 
in the halls of JJC in the following years. 

From Mary Ann (Kootz) Lambakis: 

In September of 1960 I entered the "stone campus" of Joliet Junior College as a freshman, unaware of what lay 
before me. As time progressed, I had the honor of holding the office of secretary of the sophomore class. It has 
been more than a pleasure to have worked with a student body which has been as cooperative and enthusiastic as this 
one has been. Upon leaving this institution, I wish to will to my successor two worn-out (stubby) pencils and my 
"scripto" notebook, in hopes that she (or he) may put them to better use than they have been previously. Good luck 
to all in the years ahead! It's been real. . . . ! 


James W. Aellig "Jim" 
To: niinois State Noimal 
From: Morris High School 

Ralph H. Alderman 
To: Illinois State Normal 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Pre -Education 
Activities: SEA 2 

John H. Alexander "Jack" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Lockport High School 

General - Business 

Activities: Business Club 2. JC Players 1, 

Letterman 1 

Carl G. Anderson "Andy" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Plainfield High School 
Chemical Engineering 

Elizabeth M. Anderson "Betty" 

To: Northern 

From: Lockport High School 

Music Education 

Activities: Business Club 2; JC Choir 1,2; 

Press Club 1,2; SEA 2; WAL 1; Student 

Council 2; Blazer 1,2; Homecoming 

Court 2; Honor Guide 1 

Henry T. Azuma 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Engineers 1, 2; Student 

Council 1,2 

Lou Ann Balius 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: SMS 1,2; WAL 1 

Glenn Bates Jr. 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Robert Bato "Bob" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities; Football 1,2; Swing Band 1; 


Nicholas F. Bauman "Nick" 
To: Western Illinois University 
From: Lemont High School 
Pre -Education 

Robert Becker "Beck" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: Business Club 1, 2 

Janice R. Benac "Jan" 
To: Western Michigan 
From: Central High School - 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Pre- Medical Technology 
Activities: SMS 1,2 

W/feff learning, like a 


Margaret E. Bennett "Meg" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: Press Club 1,2; WAL 1. 

Student Council 1,2 

Barbara A. Benson "Barb" 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Pre- Education 
Activities: WAL 1 

James A. Benson "Benny" 

To: Northern 

From: ]. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 1.2 

David R. Berard "Dave" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. C. R S. 
Liberal Arts 

Judy A. Bernoteit 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Education 

Activities: SEA 2; WAL 1,2 

Dennis S. BorowskI "Den" 
To: Chicago Art Institute 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Art , 

stranger, come from far 

Leo J. Bourg 
To: Normal 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Don E. Boykin 

To: Howard University - Washington, D. C. 

From: J.T. H. S. 


Activities: Lettermen 1,2; Football 1,2; 

Basketball 1,2; Tennis 1,2; Baseball; 

Track; Discussion Club 

Kenneth R. Brainard "Beard" 
To: St. Norbert's - Wisconsin 
From: J.T. H. S. 

Everett J. Brannberg Jr. "Terry" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Engineering Physics 

Activities: Engineers 1,2; JC Choir 1 

Mickey A. Brei "Mick" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T.H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 2; Engineers 1 

Paul J. Brower Jr. "Buddy" 

From: Lockport High School 

Commercial Art 

Activities: Student Council 1 139 

Diana F. Buck "Bucky" 
From: I. T. H. S. 
Activities: JC Choir 1,2 

Edwin T. Bull 

From: J. C. H. S. 

Pre -Commerce 

Activities: Discussion Club 1. 2 

Paul F. Buss 
To: Northwestern 
From: J. C. H. S. 

Sandra L. Cagwin "Sandy" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Lockport High School 
Liberal Arts 

Curtis B. Caldwell "Curt" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Press Club 1,2; Shield 1,2; 

Baseball 2 

Thomas J. Campbell "Tom" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. C. H. S. 
Liberal Arts 

7rom town to town ana 

James M. Canaday "Jim" 
To: North Central 
From: Morris High School 
Activities: Tennis 1 

Raymond J. Carli "Chief" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Pre -Engineering 
Activities: Engineers 1, 2, 3 

Richard A. Carlson "Skeeter" 

To: Michigan State 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Track 1,2; 

Wrestling 2 

Andrea J, Carnegie "Andy" 
To: Northern 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Activities: WAL 1, 2 

Elbert W. Carroll "El" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. C. H. S. 
Chemical Engineering 
Activities: Engineers 1,2 

Frank Cepon Jr. "Jr. " 
To: Northern 
From: J. C. H. S. 

William J. Cernugel Jr. "Bill" 
To; Northern 
From: J. C.H. S. 

Richard L. Chavez "Bucky" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: Press Club 2, Track 1 

Richard K. Collopy "Rich" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Lockport High School 
Liberal Arts 
Activities: Press Club 1.2 

Sharon M. Cronholm "Shar" 

To: Southern 

From: Lockport High School 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: SEA 2 

Marion E. Crosby 
To: Telephone Operator 
From: J. T. H.S. 

Phillip Crowe "Phil" 

To; University of Minnesota 

From: Duluth Central High School ■ 

Duluth Minnesota 


Activities: JC Players 2, SEA 2 

through wide scattered realms 

Gerald J. Cunico "Coon" 
To: University of Illinois 
From; Lockport High School 

Michele K. Curtis "Cricket" 

To: Normal 

From: Lockport High School 

Pre- Education 

Activities; SEA 2 

James A. D'Amico "Jim" 

To; DePaul University 

From; Plainfield High School 


Activities; JC Players 1 

Llewellyn T. Davies "Lew" 

To: Northern 

From: Minooka High School 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: JC Choir 1 , 2 

Larry G. DeLay 

To: Illinois Wesleyan 

From: Coal City High School 


Charles W. Dockendorf "Chuck" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Richard J. Dombrowski "Domb" 

To: Saint Joseph's 

From: J. C. H. S. 


Activities: Lettermen 1.2; Football 1,2 

Larry F. Duchance "Dutch" 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Engineers 1,2; Baseball 1,2 

Loretta J. Dunajewski "Lone" 

To: Field of accounting and general 

office work 

From: St. Francis Academy 


Activities: Business Club 1 

Paul D. Duncan "Dune" 

To: Southern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Robert E. Durant Jr. "Bob" 
From: Plainfield High School 

Edward Edson 

Zp see a sanctuary foi 

Dominic P. Egizio 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Jeanette M. Egizio "Jan" 
From: St. Francis Academy 
Activities: WAL 1 

George H. Eibel Jr. "Buzz" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: Lettermen 1.2; Veterans 1.: 

Baseball 1,2; Football 1.2 

Harry A. Eicher 
To: Lewis College 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Liberal Arts 
Activities: SEA 2 

Paul M. Eisen 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Liberal Arts 

Activities: JC Players 1; SEA 1.2; Stu- 
dent Council 2; Discussion Club 1.2 

Joyce Ellena 

Joan Elliott 

Charles B. Engvall "Swede" 

To: University of Iowa 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 1, 2 

Joan Enich 

To: College of St. Francis 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: SEA 2; WAL 1,2 

Nadine Enich 
To: Northern 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Phyllis J. Etheridge "Phil" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 1; Press Club 

1,2; SEA 2; Shield 1,2 

Patricia S. Evans "Pat" 

From: Wilmington High School 


Activities: SEA 1,2 

mr country 's youth 

Jacqueline J. Feltz "Jackie" 

To: Illinois Institute of Technology 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: SEA 2 

John P. Finch 

To: Iowa State University 

From: Mazon-Verona-Kinsman High 


Agriculture Business 

Activities: Engineers 1,2 

Carol L. Fiser 
To: Secretarial position 
From: J. T. H. S. 
General Business 

Paul R. Fisher 

To: Northwestern 

From; J. T. H. S. 

Music Education 

Activities: JC Choir 2; Swing Band 1,2 

Kenton W. Fiske "Chatter-boxer" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Lockport High School 
Electrical Engineering 
Activities: Engineers 1,2 

Ralph Foreman 

From: Lockport High School 1 

John R. Frattinger "Frat" 

To: Normal 

From: Plainfield High School 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: SEA 2 

Carol A. Freter 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Education 

Activities: Boosters 1; Business Club 1; 

SEA 1,2 

Verna J. Freny 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: SEA 1. WAL 1 

John Gabel 

Wayne E. Gargrave 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Yorkville High School 
Chemical Engineering 

LeRoy E. Gaskln 
To: Southern 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Of college labors, of the lecturer 's rooM 

James P. Glavan "Glav" 

To; Northern 

From: J. C. H. S. 


Activities: Lettermen 2. Football 2 

Margaret L. Gleason "Peggy" 

To: Northern 

From: St. Francis Academy 


Art D. Gonzales "Otto" 

To: Northern 

From: Saint Thomas High School - 


Physical Education 

Activities: Lettermen 1,2; Baseball 1,2; 

Basketball 1 

Clyde Goranson 

Constance A. Govostis "Connie" 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: Press Club 1,2; SEA 2; Blazer 

1,2; Casuals 1,2 

Ruth Govostis 

From: Lockport High School 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: Press Club 1, 2; Blazer 1,2; 

Casuals 1, 2 

Stanley J. Grauer "Stan" 

To: Tri State 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Engineers 1,2 

Pam Gray 

To: Teaching 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Education 

Activities: Press Club 1,2; SEA 1,2 

John F. Gregg 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Medical 

Activities: SMS 1,2; Football Manager 1 

James W. Grimm "Jim" 
To: Loyola 
From: J. C. H. S. 
Pre -Commerce 

Dianne Grinton "Di" 
To: Southern 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Liberal Arts 

Donna J. Grumish 

From: Coal City High School 

Pre -Education 

0/ college studies and their set rewards 

Paul W. Guertin "Meat" 
To: Lewis or Aurora College 
From: J. C. H. S. 

Terry E. Guidetti "Ter" 

To: Northwestern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: JC Choir 1,2; Swing Band 1,2 

Karen M. Gullicksen 

To: Eastern 

From; Lockport High School 


AcUvities: Boosters 1 , 2 ; JC Choir 1,2; 

SEA 1,2; WAL 1,2 

Wayne R. Hajduk "Huntz" 

To: Stout Teachers College - Wisconsin 

From: J.T.H. S. 


Activities: Veterans 1,2 

Robert N. Hancock "Bob" 

To: St. Louis College of Pharmacy 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Acavitles: JC Players 2, Press Club 2, 

SMS 2 

Larry J. Hartung 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. C. H. S. 


Activities: Engineers 2 

Maurlne Hawes 

Curtner M. Heath "Curt" 
To: Southern 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Liberal Arts - Psychology 
Activities: JC Players 1,2; SEA 1, 2 

Norman A. Heiman "Norm" 
To: Southern 

From: Plainfield High School 
Liberal Arts - Biology 

Barbara A. Helgeson "Barb" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: 1. T. H. S. 
Pre -Medical Technology 

Davideen M. Hellberg "Dave" 
To: Accounting Work 
From: Lockport High School 

David J. Hennessey 

To: Normal 

From: J. T. a S. 

Physical Education Major 

Activities: Lenermen 2; SMS 1; Baseball 

1,2; Football 2 

Zamed to their bidding-, 

James T. Herringer "Jim" 

To: Northern 

From: Minooka High School 


Richard D. Hertzmann "Dick" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Engineering Administration 

Activities: Business Club 2, Engineers 1 

Brian A. Hirner "Ace" 
To: Work at Universal Head Co. 
From: Lockport High School 
Technical Drafting 
Activities: Baseball 1 

Gary W. Hish "Half Pint" 
From: Lockport High School 
Electrical Technology 

Ronald L. Hollis "Ron" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. a S. 

Pre- Education 

Activities: Smoker Committee; 

Cheerleaders 1. 2 

Stella A. Holmes "Stell" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Elementary Education 
Activities: JC Choir 1, 2 

Jerome C. Hood "Jerry" 

To: U of Southern California 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: Swing Band 1,2 

Deborah A. Houseknecht "Debby" 

To: U of Colorado 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Education 

Activities: JC Players 1,2; JC Choir 1,2; 

SEA 2 

Ronald M. Hughes "Ron" 

To: U of Missouri 

From: Lincoln Way High School 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: Lettermen 1, 2; Press Club 1, 2; 

Veterans 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2 

Richard E. Hulina "Rich" 

To: U of Illinois 

From: J. C. H. S. 


Activities: Engineers 1,2; Student 

Council 2 

Patricia M. Hunsley "Pat" 

To; Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Education » 

Activities: JC Players 1, 2; SMS 1,2 

David A. Hurst "Dave" 

To: U of Missouri 

From; J. T. H. S. 


Activities: JC Choir 1; Press Club 1,2; 

Shield 1; Casuals 1,2; Blazer 1, 2 

t//^i/ who have their skill 

James P. Hutchings "Hutch" 
From; Morris 
Technical Drafting 

Ralph E. Jackson Jr. 

To: U of Illinois 

From: Wilmington High School 


Gilbert H, Jacobs "Farmer" 
From: J. T. H. S. 

John G. James "Greek" 
To: U of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Mathew G. Jandura "Matt" 
To: Lewis College 
From: J. C. H. S. 

Jacqueline Jasper "Jackie" 

"Come on let's twist again. ..." Debbie House- 
knecht and Bob Munch get in some quick practice 
<^ before the contest. 


Now, now, Dave, cafeteria 
food can't be that bad. Dave 
Hurst, Terry Guidetti, and Dick 
Wright seem to disagree. 

"Everything's Coming Up Roses" for Joyce Speck- 
man on the annual ski trip to Mount Telemark in 
Cable, Wisconsin. Tony D e Ang e 1 i s looks on. 
Due to a bus breakdown, the group spent an extra 
day at the ski lodge. 



Dean Rowley visits the troops on the "Berlin" 
front. Says the dean, "I wonder when Khrushchev 
is planning his next Summit Conference'^" 






if' ' S 

ill > .. ,.* 

^r-^ M 



That's better Dave. It couldn't 
have been that bad. 

Renee Slattonj Terry Williams, 
and Bob Visconti were the chief 
cooks at the SEA fall picnic. 
From the looks of it nobody else 
got anything to eat. Isn't that 
right, gang? 


Charles W. Johnson "Chuck" 

To: U of Colorado 

From: Barrington High School 


Activities: Business Club 1,2 

Joyce A. Johnson 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Thomas L. Johnson "Tom" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 2; Lettermen 

2; Baseball 2; Tennis 1 

Paul Kaluzny 

Larry J. Kienlen "Larry" 

To: U of Illinois 

From: Elgin High School 

Pre- Medical 

Activities: SMS 1, 2; Student 

Council 1; Cheerleader 1 

Tom Kienlen 

To: U of Illinois 

From: J. T. as. 

Pre -Education 

Activities: Boosters 1.2; Cheerleader 1; 

Track 1; Swimming 2; Discussion Club 1 

Z0 mafiage books and things. 

Loran J. Kimsey 

To: U of Illinois 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: Engineers 1; JC Players 1,2; 

SEA 2; SMS 2; Bridge Club 2 

Nancy Klett 

To: St. Francis College 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: JC Choir 1, 2; WAL 1, 2; 

Swing Band 1,2 

Richard J. Knarr "Dick" 

To: Normal 

From: Winamac Public High School 


Activities: Press Club 2; SEA 1, 2; 

Veterans 1, 2 

Carol L. Koenig 

To: U of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Press Club 1,2; SEA 1,2; 

Shield 1,2; Homecoming Court 2 

Dorothy J. Kon "Dee" 

To: U of Wisconsin 

From: Lockport 


Activities: JC Players 1; SEA 1; WAL 1,2 

Michael Kostecki "Mike" 
To: Southern Florida 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Liberal Arts 



Andrew J. Kotowicz "Andy" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: Engineers 1,2 

Robert R. Koval "Bob" 
To: Air Force 
From: J. C. H. S. 
Electronic Technology 
Activities: Baseball 2 

Robert L. Kozoman "Bob" 

To: Illinois Institute of Technology 

Chemical Engineering 

August P. Kramer "Gus" 
From: I.e. as. 

William C. Krapf "Bill" 
To: Electronic Technology 
From: Peotone High School 
Electronic Technology 

Kay A. Kroschell 

From- ].T. H. S. 

Pre- Radiology 

Activities: Boosters 1; Business Club; SMS 1 

Joseph J. Kuban 

To: Lewis College 

From: J. C. a S. 


Activities: Business Club 1, 2; Football 2 

Thomas C. Kucinic "Tom" 
To: Northern 
From: J. C. H. S. 

Robert W. Kulof "Bob" 

From: Morris Community High School 


Thomas J. Laken "Scrape" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. a S. 

Civil Engineering 

Activities: Engineers 1,2; Lettermen 

1,2; Basketball 1,2 

Mary Ann Lambakis "Kootz" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. a S. 


Activities: Boosters 1; Business Club 1,2; 

SEA 1,2; WAL 1,2; Student Council 2; 

Class Secretary- Treasurer 2 

Alma M. Lauffer "Elmer" 

To: Southern 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: JC Choir 1,2; JC Players 1; 

Press Club 2; SEA 2; WAL 1; Student 

Council 2; Shield 2; Swing Band 1,2; 

Homecoming Queen 2 

and make them act 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

Steve Lauffer "Semi" 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Kenneth D. Lawson 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: JC Choir 1,2; Student 

Council 2 

George S. Little 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Pre- Education 
Activities: SEA 1 

David F. Lustick "Les" 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Patricia J. Mahoney "Pat" 
To: Normal 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Pre- Education 

Activities: Boosters 1, 2; Press 
Club 1; SEA 2; WAL 1; Student 
Council 1; Cheerleader 1,2; Home- 
coming Court 1 

James L. Mance "Jim" 

From: Lockport High School 

Physical Education 

Activities: Lettermen 1,2; Baseball 

1,2; Football 1,2 

A ri0orous student What a 

William J. Marco "Stinky" 

To: Eastern 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Physical Education 

Activities: Veterans 2; Baseball 1; 

Football 2 

Michael P. Merfeld "Mike" 

To: Northern 

From: Lincoln- Way High School 


Activities: Business Club 2 

Thomas Marion "General" 
From: Lockport High School 
General Business 
Activities: Business Club 1,2 

John E. Marshall "Johnny" 
To: University of Minnesota 
From: Wilmington High School 

Vince Marvic, Jr. 

Frank R. Mason 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Fairfield High School 
Chemical Engineering 
Activities: Engineers 1,2 

Richard G. McClintock "Rich" 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Donald L. McCowan "Mac" 

To: Michigan Institute of Mining and 


From: J. C. H. S. 


James P. McGuire "Jim" 

To: Northern 

From: Lincoln Way 


Activities: Business Club 1,2; Lettermen 2 

Jerilyn K. McKinney "Jeri" 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: Press Club 1.2; WAL 1 

Patricia Ann McMahon "Pat" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. a S. 

Pre- Education 

Activities: JC Players 1,2; SEA 1,2 

Marietta T. Merlo "Muffie" 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 2; WAL 1,2 


Stormy course then followed 



Barbara Ruth Merrell "Barb" 

To: Wesley Memorial Hospital School 

of Nursing 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Nursing 

Activities: SMS 1 , 2 ; WA H , 2 

Albert L. Meyers III 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. a S. 

Music - Geology 

Activities: JC Choir 1; Swing Band 1,2 

Leonard P. Miklic "Caf 

To: Illinois Normal 

From: J. T. a S. 


Activities: Lenermen 2; Baseball 

Manager 1 

David W. Misischia "Mich" 
To: University of Iowa 
From: J. T. a S. 
Pre- Pharmacy 
Activities: SMS 1, 2 

Jackie Montgomery 

To: Northern 

From: Blytheville High School 

Pre- Education 


Larry E. Morris 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Lockport High School 

Physics - Mathematics 

Activities: Engineers 1; SMS 2; SEA 2; 

Discussion Club 2; Bridge Club 2 153 

Paula J. Muehler 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Lincoln- Way High School 
Pre- Education 

John L. NicoU 
To: Purdue 
From: J. T. a S. 
Pre -Medicine 

Lawrence E. Nolan "Larry" 
To: Lewis College 
From: J. T. H. S. 

James T. Norris "Jim" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. a S. 


Activities: Business Club 1,2 

Paul A. Orosco "Butch" 
To: Northern 
From: J. T. a a 

Thomas J. Pajak "Tom" 

To: Southern 

From: Lockport High School 


Zhe laboring time of 

Bonnie R. Pearson 

From: J. T. a S. 

Pre -Education 

Activities: Business Club 1 ; WAL 1,2; 

Homecoming Court 1 

Carolyn M. Peterman "Petie" 

To: Northern 

From: Lockport High School 

Pre -Education 

Activities: Press Club 2; SEA 1,2; 

WAL 1.2 

Chris A. Peterson "Tuna" 

To: Northern 

From: Wilmington High School 

Physical Education 

Activities: Lenermen 2; Baseball 2; 

Football 2 

Larry M. Peterson "Pete" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Minooka High School 
Electrical Engineering 
Activities; Engineers 1,2 

Ron G. Petrinos "Pete" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. a S. 

Physical Education and Education 

Activities: SEA 1,2 

Carla D. Phelps "Krebbs" 

To: Southern 

From; Lockport High School 

Pre -Education 

Activities: SEA 1, 2; WAL 1, 2 

Christopher C. Finn "Kit" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Lockpon High School 

Pre -Med. 

Activities: Press Club 2; SMS 1.2; Shield 2 

Frank R. Pirc 
To: New York State 
From: J. C. H. S. 
Business Administration 
Activities: Veterans 1,2 

Bernard L. Pollock "Pow-Pow" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: IC Choir 1; Swing Band 1 

William L. Purdy "Bill" 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Robert E. Querio "Bob" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: I. T. H. S. 

Activities: Engineers 1,2; Student Council 

1.2. Smoker and Lounge Committee 1 

Ronald M. Ragan 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Mazon High School 


Autumn, Winter, Spring 

William A. Ramsey "Bill" 
From: Lockport High School 
Pre-Vet. Medicine 
Activities: SMS 1,2 

Jo Ann D. Reszel "Josie" 
To: Advertising 
From: Lockport High School 
Pre- Commerce 
Activities: WAL 1,2 

Sharon L. Rinehart 

To: Northern 

From: Plainfield High School 

Home Economics 

Anita M. Roberts 
To: College of St. Francis 
From: ]. T. H. S. 
Pre-Medical Technology 
Activities: SMS 1,2 

Scott J. Rodeghiero 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: SMS 1,2; Student Council 1, 

Class President 2 

Evelyn Rogers "Ev" 

To: Northern 

From: Lemont High School 

Business Education 

Jack D. Rogers "Bones" 
To Ohio State University 
From: J. T. H. S. 

Connie M. Roman 

To: Southern 

From: Oak Lawn High School 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: Boosters 1,2. JC Choir 2; JC 

Players 1; SEA 2; WAL 1,2 

David E. Roth "Dave" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J.T.H. S. 


Activities: J C Choir 1,2; Swing Band 1,2 

Helen G. Rothlisberger 
To: College of St. Francis 
From: ]. T. H. S. 
Pre- Education 
Activities: SEA 1,2 

Gerald L. Russ "Jerry" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Lockport High School 

Janice M. Russell "Jan" 

To: Western Kentucky State College 

From: J.T.H. S. 


Activities: WAL 1,2 

David G. Sandahl "Dad" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 1 ,2: SEA 2 

Martha A. Sandberg "Marty" 
To: Augustana College 
From: Plainfield High School 

Sandra J. Sanders "Sandy" 

To: Illinois Bell 

From: J.T.H. S. 

Pre- Medical Technology 

Activities: Press Club 1, SMS 1, WAL 1, 

Blazer 1 

Doris Mae Sandiford 

Tor Nurses Training 

From: Mooseheart High School 


Activities: SMS 2 

Melanie A. Schroeder "Mel" 

To: Wesley Memorial Hospital School of 


From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: SMS 1 , 2: WAL 1, 2 

James R. Schultz "Schultzie" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. C. H. S. 
Activities: Business Club 1 , 2 

Sight months! rolled 

Jeanne A. Siegmund 
To: University of Illinois 
rt-om: St. Francis Academy 

Dorothy L. Sifferd 

From: Richland High School 

Liberal Arts 

Cynthia A. Skeel 

To: Wesley Memorial Hospital School of 


From: ]. T. H. S. 

Pre -Nursing 

Richard E. Skinner 

To: Purdue 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Engineers 1.2 

Renee Slatton 

To: Southern 

From: Bosse High School- Evansville, 


Pre- Education 

Activities: ]C Players 1,2; Press Qub 2; 

SEA 1,2; Casuals 2 

Don R. Smith "Smity" 
To: Southern , 

From: Wilmington High School 
gical Science 

pUasiHglij away-, the mnth 

Ronald E. Snedic "Ron" 
To: Northwestern 
From: J. C. H. S. 
Activities: SEA 2 

John L. Spalding "Jack" 
From: Lockport High School 
Pre-Physical Therapy 
Activities: SMS 1,2 

Joyce A. Speckman "Speck" 

To: Airline Stewardess 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Home Economics 

Activities: Boosters 1,2; JC Players 1,2; 

WAL 1,2; Social Council 1; Student 

Council 2; Cheerleader 1,2 

Barbara A. Spisak "Barb" 

To: Airline Stewardess 

From: St. Francis Academy 


Activities: Business Club 1, WAL 2 

William J. Spiney "Bill" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J.T. H. S. 
Activities: Engineers 1,2 

Douglas D. Stangeland 

To: Northern 

From: J.T. M.S. 


Activities: Tennis 1 1 

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen. ..." seems to be the oration of the day when 
Scott Rodeghiero takes the podium (Picnic table). It appears as though it 
might turn into a mud slinging contest, though, as Curt LaFontaine tries to 
steal the floor. 


It's time to sing along with Rich, when the Sophomore Revuers lead the audience in song. 


Carol Koenig studies while decorating the Press Club float for the Homecoming Parade. 


"Stop! Man-eating plants ahead," Mr. Hughes warns his botany class on a 
recent safari through the school greenhouse. Notice the native laundry in the 


Robert S. Staples "Bob" 
From: Lockport 

Winnie E. Stariha 

To: Teaching 

From: St. Francis Academy 

Pre- Education 

Activities: SEA 2 

Margie Startz 
From: J.T.H. S. 
Activities: JC Choir 1.2 

Rosalie M. Sternisha "Rosie" 

To: Airline Stewardess 

Trom: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: ]C Choir 1 

Marsha L. StuU "Fluffy" 

To: Southern 

From: 1. T. H. S. 

Pre- Education 

Activities: Boosters 1.2; JC Players 1,2; 

SMS 2; SEA 1,2; 

John W. Sullivan 
To: Northern 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Liberal Arts 

001VHS, 0mve or gaudy 

Nita G. Sullivan "Kitty" 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Activities: WAL 1 

Donna Mae Swinford 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Pre -Education 
Activities: WAL 1.2 

James W. Sykes "Jim" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 2; Engineers 1, 

Lettermen 2; Football 1.2; Track 

Roger E. Thorson 

To: Northern 

From: Morris High School 


Sandra L. Tierney "Sandy" 
From: J.T. H. S. 

Thomas J. Troughton "Tom" 
To: Art Center Institute 
From: J. T. H. S. 

James M. Troutman "Jim" 
To: Northern 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Business Administration 
Activities: Business Club 2 

Lawrence W. Troutman "Larry" 

To: Nortliern 

From: Lockport High School 

Pre- Education 

Activities: Lettermen 1,2; Football 1,2 

Carol M. Turner 

From: J. T.H. S. 


Activities: JC Choir 1.2; WAL 1,2 

Ken E. Uhren "Big Ken" 

To: Notre Dame 

From: Lockport High School 

Pre- Mortician 

Activities: Track 2 

Arthur V. Vaksdal 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J.T.H. S. 


Charles W. Valerio "Charlie" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: Coal City High School 


Activities: Baseball 2, Basketball 2 

doctors, students, streets 

.ouise C. VanAIlen 
ro: Normal 
Tom: J. T. H. S. 
■re- Education 

Activities: Boosters 1; JC Players 2; SEA 
,2; WAL 1 

'atricia A. VanDyke "Pat" 
:o: University of Illinois 
"rom: J. T. H. S. 
.iberal Arts 
Activities: WAL 1,2 

Cecilia Vargas "Lee" 

ro: Northern 

Tom: Lockport High School 

're- Education 

Activities: JC Choir 1,2; JC Players 2; 

Tess Club 1,2; SMS 1,2; SEA 1,2; Shield 

I; Blazer 1,2; Wolf Call 1,2 

lonald W. Vaughn "Ward" 

'o: Southern 

Tom: Lockport High School 


tobert C. Visconti "Bob" 

'o: Northern 

rom: J. T. H. S. 


ictivities: Press Club 2; SEA 1,2; Shield 2 

,amar Wagnon "Reb" 
'o: Northern 
Tom: J.T. a S. 
'echnical Drafting 

Daniel J. Walker "Danny" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Lincoln- Way High School 

John Thomas Walker "Tom-sweep" 

To: George Williams University 

From: J. C. H. S. 

Physical Education 

Activities: Lettermen 1,2; Baseball 1, 

Kenneth W. Walker "Moose" 

To: Northern 

From: Yorkville High School 


James B. Ward "Red" 
To: Lewis College 
From: J. C. H. S. 
General Business 

David C. Warthen "Spot" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Press Club 1; Football 2; 

Track 1,2 

James S. Watson 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Chemical Engineering 
Activities: Engineers 2 

iA student clothed in 

Richard R. Wells "Dick" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Pre- Veterinarv Medicine 

William B. Wenger "Bill" 

To: Northwestern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: JC Choir 1,2; Swing Band 1.2 

Ronald Westerfield 

James A. Wiegmann "Jim" 
To: Lewis College 
From: J. C. H. S. 

Gerald E. Willey "Jerry" 

To: University of Illinois 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Pre- Medicine 

Activities: SMS 1,2; Student Council 1,2; 

Class President 1 

Terry S. Williams "T" 

To; Northern 

From: J. T. a S. 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: JC Choir 1; JC Players 1,2; 

SEA 1.2; Student Council 1 

Janet L. Williamson "Willy" 

To: Normal 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: JC Choir 1.2; SMS 1; 

SEA 2; WAL 2 

Darlene H. Wills "Penny" 

To: Dance Instruction 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: Boosters 1,2; JC Players 1,2; 

Cheerleader 2 

Kenneth J. Winterbonom "Ken" 
From: Mazon High School 
Activities: Basketball 1 

Brian Wood 

Richard E. Wright "Dick" 

To: Northwestern 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Music Education 

Activities: JC Choir 2; Swing Band 1,2 

Walter R. Wrobel "Ron" 

To: Air Force ^ 

From: Lockport High School 


00WH and tasselUd cap 

Leon E. Young "Lee" 

To: Northern 

From: J. T. H. S. 


Activities: Business Club 1, Veterans 2 

Leslie A. Yunker "Les" 

From: Carl Sandburg High School 


Activities: Business Club 1, 2 

Patricia A. Zebell "Pat" 

To: Normal 

From: J. T. a S. 

Activities: Business Club 1, 2; Press Club 

1,2; SEA 1,2: Shield 1,2 

Kent R. Ziech "Duke" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: J. T. a S. 
Activities: SMS 1,2 

Eleanor L. Zimmerman "EUie" 

To: Southern 

From: Lincoln-Way High School 

Pre- Business 

Activities: Press Club 2; WAL 1,2 


Donald V. Button 
From: I. T. H. S. 
Technical Drafting 

Kaye R. Krohn 

To: J. T. H. S. 

From: J. T. H. S. 

Liberal Arts 

Activities: JC Choir 1; IC Players 1,2; 

SEA 1; WAL 1.2 

Janice R. Layette "Stinky" 
To: Art Institute of Chicago 
From: J. T. H. S. 
Commercial Art 

Geraldyne Mart "Jeri" 

To: Illinois State Normal University 

From: Civic Memorial High School 

Bethalto, Illinois 

Pre -Education 

Activities: JC Choir 2 

William Morrison "Bill" 
To: University of Illinois 
From: Lincoln-Way High School 

William E. Nelson "Nellie" 

To: Southern 

From: Morris Community High School 



Sandra M. Pluth "Sandy" 

To: Illinois State Normal University 

From: Lockport High School 


Activities: Press Club 1; SEA 2; WAL 

1,2; Shield 1 

Julia M. Walker "Julie" 
To: Northern 
From: J. T. a S. 
Music Education 
Activities: JC Choir 1,2 


Mark Albrecht 
Randal Lee Bailey 
Joseph D. Baker 
Fred Baldazzi 
Donald Beahm 
Jack Beallis 
Helen Bell 
Robert Bethell 
Mary Lou Biggs 
William Black 
Diane Blair 
George J. Bobak 
William Bolte 
Alex Bonds 
Diana A. Bost 
Tom Braasch 
Raymond Brockman 
Lester C. Brown 
W. J. Bullifin 
Joann Cagwin 
William Cassell 
Ronald Casson 
Ken Cercello 
Stanley Chapas 
Daniel Chinski 
Anthony Contos 

Charles Holt 
Peter Horvath 
Thomas L. House 
Earl Huchinson 
Randall Hute 
Dale Imig 
Richard Ivins 
Gerald Johnson 
Robert Johnson 
Larry Johnson 
Robert Joly 
David Jones 
Jerry Julian 
Albert Kaleta 
Robert Kane 
Victor Kapetanovic 
Gordon Kay 
Kathy Keating 
Patrick Keigher 
Richard Kinzler 
Nicholas Kobe 
Barbara Kokosz 
John Kunis 
Arthur Kureghian 
Dean Kwarta 
Curt LaFontaine 

Stuart Noll 
Richard Norris 
Jon O'Donnell 
Shirley Oseman 
Ronald Paluzzi 
James Pasteris 
Nicholas Pell 
Douglas Peterson 
Patricia Petterson 
John Picciolo 
Jim Pickering 
Ronald Price 
Michael Quiram 
John Roach 
Anita Roberts 
Frederick Rodriquez 
Edward Rossetto 
C. Richard Rutter 
Robert Samson 
John Schorie 
Bertha Schulz 
Howard Seaborg 
Paul Shepley 
Ron Simonic 
Thomas Slocum 
Charles Stanley 


Ronald Cornelius 
Richard Cotter 
Ronald Crosetto 
Dale Cupples 
Louis Darin 
Ima B. Davis 
Judy M. Dill 
Edward Doran 
Earl Dowell 
Ronald L. Downen 
Mickey Drobnak 
William Dutkiewicz 
Richard Dystrup 
Robert Emperor 
John Fenili 
Ronald Franzen 
Robert A. Gelatka 
Walter Geleto, Jr. 
Kenneth Gilmore 
Arthur Goebel 
Robert Govoni 
Larry Grable 
John Gualdoni 
Edward Hanley 
James Harder 
Paul Henneberry 

Tim Larson 
Diane Lockwood 
Stephen Long 
Anne Low 
Angela Lukancic 
Nicholas Lukasevich 
George Luman 
James Madsen 
Robert Manfred 
David Markwell 
Larry Mathisen 
Raymond McCabe 
Roger McClain 
Roger McDaniel 
Michael McKeon 
William McTee 
James Meyer 
Paul Miller 
James Mitchell 
David Mitzit 
Lois Morawski 
Robert Munch 
Donald R. Murphy 
Stephen Nay 
Chuck Nicholls 

Evelyn Stinebring 
Carol Strappazon 
Stephen Sula 
Dennis Taylor 
John Thorington 
David Togliatti 
Theodore Tratensek 
Frank Trizna 
Sandra Tunell 
Steven Tunell 
Carol Tyler 
Herman Van Duyne 
Louis Vercelote 
Kathleen Vidmar 
JoAnn Viskocil 
Andrew Vrba 
George Walkey 
Richard E. Way 
Roger Weinhold 
Herman Wilhelm 
Raymond Wiseman 
Larry Yother 
Joseph Zeleznik 
Larry Ziesmer 
Joseph Zoran 





faculty and Administration 

Adler, Catherine M. 44 
Allen, W. F. 16 
Anderson, Gilbert 40 
Antoniewicz, Beverly M. 48 

Barbee, Helen 38 
Bell, Gilbert 50,92 
Birkholz. John 49. 20, 36, 80 
Board of Education 34 
Bonar, Doris 38 
Bondar, Eugene 49 
Brewer, Grace 11,43 
Brodie, Mary 51, 99 
Burke, Robert P. 24,26,44 
Burns, William L. 47 

Carroll, Delores 51 
Chandler, John 44 
Chapin, June 44,80 
Chase, William 36,43 
Chrisman, Byron E. 44 
Converse, Duane 40 
Corradetti, John 15,36,42 

Dawson, Kathleen 51 
Dellinger, Elizabeth 42 
Dellinger, Hal 17,19,37,46 
D'Orazio, Jeannine 51 

Edwards, Arnold 48 
Emery, Lola 37,42 
Erckmann, Norman 38 
Erickson, David 44 
Erickson, Marshall 98 
Esworthy, Donald M. 14,37, 
Evans, Glenn A. 49 

Fahrenholz, George 50,92 
Fisher, Mary Louise 48 
Fox, George 43 
French, John 34 
French, William 34 
Frenk, Eunice 47 
Frost, Ellery 39 

Graham, Douglas 41 

Green, Donald J. 36,38 
Gutierrez, Anthony 39 

Hall, Zollie 39 
Harder, Richard 48 
Harriman, Charles 44 
Hodgman, Leonard L. 41 
Hoffer, Beulah 51 
Hornvale, Dulce 47 
Houseknecht, Bruce H. 46 
Hudzietz, Dorthe 42 
Hughes, William L. 40,159 
Hurst, James 49 

Jamnik, Elmer 42 
Johnson, Paul 44 
Johnson, W. W. 44 
Johnston, B. F. 45 

Kahle, William 42 
Kirk, Gertrude 42 
Klootwyck, Ray 50 
Kohl, Ernest 48 
Kurtz, Earl W. 46 
Kuster, Max 39 

Labella, Peter 46 
Lance, Neil 50 
Lane, Beatrice 42 
Larson, Melvin 40 
Leatsler, Maynard 39 
Leggitt, Dorothy 45 
Leinenweber, Harry D. 49 
Leksell, Russell 50 
Lemanski, Patricia 51 
Lenich, Steve 37,39 
Long, Marcie 46 
Longman, Louise 45 

Mallary, Robert 45 
Marshall, George R. 48 
May, Melvin 48 
McCarter, Daniel 12,45 
Mecay, Leroy 40 
Meyer, Al 50 
Miller, Frank 50 

Nelsen, Everett C. 40 
Newman, Nancy 38 
Niessner, Gordon 38 

Onsgard, Leonard 41 

Pottgen, Jacob 45 
Price, Robert L. 41 
Puddicombe, Edmund C. 16,36,41 

Racchini, Alfred 39 
Revel, Elizabeth 51 
Robinson, Lewis 43 
Rohde, Carolyn 51 
Rowley, Elmer 32,149 

Sakal, Louis J. 41 
Schoenknecht, Charles 40 
Simpson, Henry B. 36,37,49 
Skidmore, Lottie 43 
Smith, Georgina 23, 37, 38 
Smith, Vera 6,45 
Stobart, John F. 45 

Thalrose, Vera 51 
Tompkins, Floyd 43 
Thompson, James 37,49 

Utgard, Russell 41 

Wagner, Arthur A. 40 
Walser, Herman 50 
Walters, Arthur 47 
Waltz, James 49 
Williams, Wendell D. 48 
Wills, A. A. 50,92 
Wilson, Robert 38 
Wintersteen, Clayton 39 
Wood, Catherine 45 
Wood, Susan H. 33 

Young, Glenn 41, 16 

Zaida, Walter 29,33,80 
Zimmer, Lloyd 39 

Student Cist and Jndek: 

Adamowski, Thomas 11, 103 

Adamson, David 103 

Adamson, Selmalyn 103 

Adkins, Samuel W. 103 

Aellig, Fred E. 103 

Aellig, James 138 

Agazzi, Bob 98,103 

Agnew, Dorothy 103 

Airola, Rosemarie 103 

Albert, James 103 

Alderman, Martha 103 

Alderman, Ralph 28, 73, 75, 138 

Alexander, John 138 

Allan, Barbara 18, 103 

Allen, Lucille 103 

Allison, Terrence 103 

Allison, Tom 103 

Altieri, Sue 17, 18, 103 

Ambrose, Frank 103 

Ambrosini, Sam J. 103 

Amiot, Sandra 

Amos, Elbert 103 

Amos, Vincent 20 

Anderson, Betty 11. 15, 19, 24, 138 

Anderson, Carl 91,103 

Anderson, Carl G. 14, 138 

Anderson, George I. 103 

Anderson, Judy Lynn 

Anderson, Karen 16,103 

Anderson, Paulette 103 

Andrew, Rita 103 

Andrews, Clyde 18,103 

Ansley, Kathy 103 

Ardaugh, Carol Ann 103 

Ariagno, James 

Arnold, James 18, 102, 103, 125 

Astbury, Albert 103 

Austin, Charles D. 10,103 

Azuma, Henry 14, 20, 28, 138 

Baber, Judith 103 
Bachmann, Grace 18, 24, 103 
Baer, Jo Delma 
Bailey, Terry 103 
Bajt, John 103 
Bajt, Mary Frances 103 
Baker, Joseph D. 10 
Baker, Nathaniel 94, 97. 104 
Baldazzi, Fred 
Baldazzi, Robert A. 14,104 
Balius, Lou Ann 138 
Ballak, Shirley 104 
Ballantine, Robert 104 

Balma, Kenneth 104 

Balog, Sherry 16,104 

Baltz, John 104 

Bambic, Greg 

Barcelona, Sam 104,113 

Barcus, Mary Ann 23, 104 

Barrowman, Tom 104 

Barsotti, Ed 14,104 

Barta, Robert 14,104 

Barten, Judy 104 

Bates, Glenn 92,95,96,138 

Bato, Robert 22.91,138 

Baumann, Nicholas 138 

Baxa, Charles 

Bayer, Hans 104 

Beallis. Jack 

Becher. Jay 12,13 

Becker. Robert 138 

Bedford, Matt 14,27,104 

Bell, Helen 

Benac, James 104 

Benac, Janice 138 

Benedict, Richard 104 

Bennett, Margaret 23, 24, 139 

Bennett, Rosalie 23,104 

Bensen, Barbara 139 

Benson, James 139 

Benus, John W. 

Benz, Rita 104 

Berard, Dave 36,139 

Berard, Gerald J. 

Berg, DiAnn 23, 24,25,104. 118 

Berlin, Jane 16, 23, 29, 80, 104 

Berlinsky, Jay 125 

Bernickus, William 

Bernoteit, Judy 139 

Berryman, Lynda 16.104 

Bertino. John 104 

Bertino, John L. 104 

Bethell, Robert G. 

Beverly, Cahrles 

Bieritz, Gary 104 

Biernat, Richard 104 

Biggs, Mary Lou 104 

Bilecki, Ned 104 
Bingaman. Nancy 24.104 
Biskie. Joan 
Black, William 
Blaesing, Pamela 104 
Blatt, Elizabeth 
Blood. Willa 104 
Blunck, Robert 105 
Bobak, George J. 
Boban, Richard 91 

Boban, Robert 105 

Bodenhamer, Phylis 16, 19, 105 

Bolte, William 

Bolton, Jane 19, 105 

Bonds, Alex 

Bonneville, Travis 

Booth, Earl 105 

Borg, Thomas R. 105 

Borowski, Dennis 139 

Bossom, Robert 11,105 

Bost, Diana 105 

Bottino, Dale 105 

Bourg, Leo 139 

Boyd, Alfred 105 

Boyd, Douglas 

Boydston, Ted 105 

Boykin, Don 20, 93, 139 

Boylan, Joseph 105 

Bozicevich, James 105 

Braach. Tom 

Bradach. Franklin 105 

Brainard, Kenneth 21, 27, 139 

Brake, Bonita 24,105 

Brandau, Loyd 105 

Brannberg, Everett J. 14,139 

Brei, Mick 139 

Briese, Thomas 105 

Bracken, Marianne 125 

Brockman, Ray 

Bromberek, Ken 

Brower, Paul Jr. 28, 139 

Brown, Charlie 93, 95, 96, 125 

Brown, G. Diane 

Brown, James 105 

Brown, Lester C. 

Brown, Sandra 105, 116 

Bryan, Jim 91,105 

Buck, Diana 18, 140 

Buckland, Dennis 

Bukes, Dale 105 

Buldak, Larry 105 

Bulfer, Bill 

Bulkley, Bob 

Bull, Edwin T. Jr. 140 

Bullifin, Jim Wm. 

Bunte, Carol 16,105 

Bunton, Judith 16, 105 

Burgess, Charles 105 

Burk, Larry 

Burke, David 105 

Burnham, Carol 105 

Burris, George 105 

Burroughs, James Robert 105 

Burzawa, Jerry 125 


Buss, Paul 140 
Butler, Linda M. 105 
Button, Don 164 
Butscher, Ray 105 

Cabay, Ben 105 
Cagwin, Joann 
Cagwin, Sandra 140 
Calamaras, Steve Jr. 
Caldwell, Curtis 24,140 
Campbell, Tom 140 
Campos, William 106 
Canaday, Jim 140 
Cann, Brian 106 
Cantrell, Lorena 12, 24, 28, 106 
Cap, Aloysius 106 
Cargle, Walter 106,124 
Carli, Ray 14, 140 
Carlos, Gerald 106 
Carlos, James 106 
Carlson, Donald 106 
Carlson, Geraldine 125 
Carlson, Harold 106 
Carlson, Joyse 106 
Carlson, Nicole 125 
Carlson, Richard 140 
Carlson, Ted 125 
Carnegie, Andrea 21, 23, 140 
Carpenter, Ray 12, 18, 27, 106 
Carrier, William 106 
Carroll, Elbert 140 
Carson, Frank 106 
Carstens, Karen 16,106 
Carter, Don 125 
Carter, Linda 106 
Carter, Margaret 16, 106 
Caruso, Danny 106 
Case, Gordon 106 
Cassell, William 
Cassem, Brian 106 
Casserilla, Larry 125 
Cassiday, Patricia 106 
Casson, Ronald 106 
Cavazos, Frank 
Cepon, Frank 140 
Cercello, Kenneth 
Cernugel, Bill 141 
Cerven, Thomas 106 
Chandler, Jeff 106 
Chaney, Karen 18, 23, 28, 106 
Chapas, Stanley 
Charvat, John 
Chavez, Richard 141 
Christian, Kenneth 
Churchill, Madonna 106 
Cieslak, Alex 
Ciluffo, William 106 

Clancy, James 27, 106 
Clark, Barbara 106 
Clark, Monica 15,106 
Clavenna, LeRoy 106 
Cohil, Dennis 14 
Collins, Peter 106 
Collins, Toni 106 
Collopy, Richard 141 
Confiliano, Don 107 
Conlisk, Roger L. 107 
Connery, Patricia 107, 110 
Connor, Patrick 107 
Converse, Glen 107 
Coon, Edward 14, 107 
Coop, Robert 
Cooper, Gerald 
Cooper, Martin A. 107 
Cornelius, Ron 
Cotter, Richard 
Cottingham, James 107 
Cox, Ronald 107 
Coyne, Joseph 107 
Craig, Ronald 
Crater, James 107 
Crawford, Alvin 
Cronholm, Sharon 11,141 
Crosby, Doris 
Crosby, Marion 141 
Crosetto, Ronald 
Crowe, Phillip 12,13,141 
Cullick, John 107 
Cullick, Keith 107 
Cummings, Pauletta 107 
Cunico, Gerald 141 
Cupples, Dale 
Curtis, Michele 11, 141 
Cusick, Patrick 107 
Czajkoski, Raymond 125 

D'Amico, James 141 
Danzero, Tom 107 
Daoust, Jon 107 
Darin, Jack 107 
Darin, Jim 107 
Darin, Louis 
Darin, William 
Davenport, Dennis 107 
Davies, John 107 
Davies, Llewellyn 19, 141 
Davis, Freida Marie 107 
Davis, Gordon T. 15,17,107 
Davis, Ima B. 
Davis, Janet 
Davis, John W. 
DeAcetis, Sharon 107, 119 
Dean, Gary 107 
DeAngelis, Tony 11, 12. 107, 148 

Dearth, Ronald 107 
Decman, David 18, 107 
DeGeus, Don 
DeLay, Larry 141 
Delockery, Dennis L. 107 
DeMink, Pat 125 
DeZee, David 107 
Diamond, Joseph 107 
DiBenedetto, Vince 107 
Dickey, Frank 125 
Dill, Judy M. 
Dionne, Joseph F. Jr. 108 
Ditello, Antoinette 108 
Dixon, Donald W. 108 
Dockendorf, Charles 141 
Dombrowski, Richard 91,142 
Dooley, Elsie 126 
Dorn, Barbara 108 
Doran, Edward 
Dorris, Charlotte 108 
Dorrisey, Billie 108 
D'Ottavio, Bert 108 
Douglas, Earla Mae 108 
Dow, Dave 108 
Dow, William 15,108 
Dowell, Earl 
Downen, Ronald L. 
Doyle, Thomas 108 
Drazy, Suzanne 16, 108 
Drysch, Edward 
DuChance, Larry 142 
DuFour, Paul 108 
Dunajewski, Loretta 142 
Duncan, Paul 142 
Dunn, Gerry 
Dupee, Barbara 108 
Dupre", Darryl A. 108 
Durant, Robert Jr. 142 
Durbin, Sharron L. 108 
Duso, Joann 126 
Dutkiewicz, William 
DuVal. Norman 108 
Dystrup, Richard 94, 97 
Dziurawiec, Walt 108 

Edmon, Joe 12 
Edmonds, Rose 108 
Edson, Edward 92, 95,42 
Edwards. Karen 108 
Egan. Jim 108 
Egizio, Dominic 142 
Egizio, Eugene 15, 108 
Egizio, Jeanette 142 
Egly, Mariana 108 
Eibel, George 10,91, 142 
Eicher, Harry A. 11,20,110,142 
Eicholzer, Jav 108 


Eisen, Paul M. 20,28,80.142 

Eken, Don 108 

Ellegood, Larry 108 

Ellena, Joyce 27, 142 

Elliott, Joan 

Emore, Evelyn 15,108 

Ely, Richard N. 108 

Emmett, Kathleen 126 

Emperor, Robert 

Eneix, Betsy 126 

Engel, Kent Leo 108 

Engelhardt, Richard 15,20 

Engvall, Charles 143 

Enich, Joan 23,143 

Enich, Nadine 143 

Enix, Eva Marie 

Erickson, Joan 16,108 

Erickson, Judy 19 

Etheridge. Phyllis 11 , 23, 24, 143 

Evans, Judy 18, 108 

Evans, Patricia 143 

Ewing, David 15.21,108 

Fabbre, Joseph R. 22,91,108 
Fabian. Glen 108 
Failing, Barbara 109 
Fallinske, Robert 109 
Fallman, Stanley 109 
Farmer, David 109 
Farr, Robert William 109 
Fassio, Angela 109 
Feltz, Jacqueline 143 
Fenili, John 
Fenili, Trudy 16,109 
Fenoglio, David 109 
Ferak, Mary Lou 109 
Ferguson, Jane 109 
Ferguson, JoAnn 126 
Feryance, Dwight 109 
Fette, Bonnie 16,109 
Fields, William E. 27,109 
Finch, John P. 143 
Fiorenzo. Constance 16, 109 
Fischer, Carol 
Fiser, Carol 15,143 
Fish, Richard 109 
Fisher, Michael 14,27,109 
Fisher, Paul 17,18,19.143 
Fisher, Raymond 109 
Fiske, Ken 14.143 
Fitzgerald, Charles 
Fitzgerald, Terrence 109 
Fleming, Constance 
Fletcher, Gloria 109 
Flint. Gary 109 
Flora, Robert 27,109 
Florian, Thomas 109 

Flory, George L. 16,109 
Ford, Dalr R. 109 
Fordonski, Robert 109 
Foreman, Ralph G. 143 
Fosler. Janet 109 
Foutz, Carole 16,109 
Fox, Gerald 109 
Francois, Alex 17, 109 
Franzen, Ron 
Eraser, Bill 14,109 
Frattinger, John 11,144 
Frattini, Carol 126 
Freckelton, Earl 109 
Freehauf, Lyn 11, 109 
Freeman, William H. 109 
Freter, Carol 144 
Fretty, Verna 144 
Friebel, Margaret 16 
Frost, Julien 110 

Gabel, John 15 
Gabrielson, Gerry 110 
Gaefke, Louise C. 91, 110 
Gaines, Len 110 
Gallinger, Warren 110 
Galick, Gary 126 
Gans, Francis 110 
Cans. Ronald 110 
Gardner, Barry 
Gargrave. Wayne 144 
Gariboldi, Phil 110 
Gartke, Gene 110 
Gaskin, LeRoy 144 
Gavin, Betty 110 
Gavin, John 110 
Gay, William 126 
Geddes, Ina 18,110 
Gelatka, Robert A. 
Gelatka, William 
Geleto, Walter Jr. 
Gelsomino, Vincent P. 17,19,110 
Gerencher, Robert 110 
Getson, Shirley 110 
Geuther. Karen 126 
Giardina. Judith 
Gilmour, Russ 110 
Girard, Tally 
Givens, Joan C. 110 
Glavan, Jim 91, 144 
Gleason, Peggy 144 
Glenn, Robert 110 
Goebel, Art 

Goggins, Larry 91, 94, 110 
Golobitsh, Dennis 110 
Gonzales, Art 144 
Gonzales, Natalie 16, 110 
Goodson. James 110 

Goranson. Clyde 144 
Gosack, Mary Ann 110, 114 
Gosack, Michael 126 
Govoni, Beverly 24,110 
Govoni, Robert 
Govostis. Connie 24, 144 
Govostis, Ruth 24, 144 
Grabavoy, John 110 
Grable, Larry 18 
Grace, James 110 
Graffis, William 110 
Graham. Mark 126 
Graham. Robert 126 
Grauer. Stanley 145 
Gray. Pamela 24,145 
Gregg, John 16,145 
Gregorec, James 110 
Gregorich, Mary Lou 110 
Gregory, Nancy 18, 110 
Gregory, Penny 18, 110 
Gretz, John 110 
Grewenig, Tom 110 
Griffin, Mary Jane 18, 19, 110 
Griffin, Tom 126 
Grimm, James 145 
Grimm, Thomas K. 14,16,111 
Grinton, Diane 145 
Grinton, Susan 23, 111 
Grohar. Raymond 111 
Grohne, Sheryl 23, 24, 25, 111 
Gronwold, Duane 104, 111 
Grossman, Dennis 111 
Grotewold, Mary 111 
Grubbs. Margaret 126 
Gruber. Judi 111 
Grumish, Donna J. 145 
Gualdoni, John 
Guertin, Paul 145 
Guidetti, Terry 145,148 
GuUicksen, Karen 11. 18, 145 
Gutierrez, Frank 111 

Hacker, Janice 126 
Hadala. John J. Ill 
Haggerty, Robert 15 
Hajduk, Wayne 10, 145 
Hall, Katharine 111 
Hallihan, Richard 111 
Hamerla. Casimir 111 
Hammen. Robert J. Jr. 
Hammer. David B. 
Hamrin. James 111 
Hamrin, Michael 111 
Hancock, Robert 16, 111, 145 
Hanley, Ed 
Hanson, Violet 
Harder, James 

Hardy, Barbara 111 
Harmening, Carolyn 16, 111 
Harris, Janet 111 
Hartell, Sharon 111 
Hartung, Larry 14, 145 
Harvey, James E. Ill 
Harvey, Jerry 111 
Hatton, Ron 111 
Hawes, Maurine 146 
Hawkins, Agnes 16,111 
Haynes, Christy 111 
Haywood, Douglas 111 
Heath, Curt 146 
Heatherwick, Alan 
Hegstad, Barbara 111 
Heiman, Norman A. 146 
Heintz, Raymond 111 
Heinz, Bernard 111 
Heisner, Douglas L. Ill 
Held, Linda 16,111 
Helgeson, Andrew 111 
Helgeson, Barbara 16, 146 
Hellberg, Davideen 146 
Henneberry, Paul 
Hennessey, Dave 91,146 
Henschen, Lawrence 112 
Herbst, Thomas 112 
Herringer, James 15, 28, 80, 146 
Hertzmann, Dick 146 
Hewlett, Kay 112 
Hickey, James 106 
Hicks, David 112 
Hilton, Ronald 
Hinchcliffe, Larry 112 
Hinze, Bob 112 
Hirner, Brian 146 
Hirner, Bruce E. 17, 19, 112 
Hirsch, Virginia 112 
Hish, Gary 146 
Hoaglund, William 112 
Hobbs, JoAnna 
Hoffrogge, Mary Lou 112 
HoUis, Ronald 146 
Holmes, Doris 126 
Holmes, Earl R. 112 
Holmes, Stella 19,146 
Holt, Charles 
Holt, William A. 11,112 
Hood, Jerry 17,147 
Horkey, Ann 
Horvat, Dennis 126 
Horvath, Peter 
Horvath, Rudy 126 
Horwitz, Allen 112 
House, Thomas L. 22, 91 
Houseknecht, Debbie 12, 19, 23, 77, 

Howland, Keith W. 112 
Hrehor, Ron 112 
Hrusosky. Jim 91,112 
Hughes, Ronald 10,79,91,147 
Hulina, Richard 14, 29, 147, 158 
Hunsley, Patricia 11, 12, 147 
Hurst, David 24, 69, 147, 148 
Hutcherson, Scherlye 126 
Hutchings, James 147 
Hatchings, Ronald 112 
Hutchinson, Earl 
Hute, Randall 
Hutson, Neal 
Hutt, Kay 112 
Huxtable, Martha 112 

Imig. Dale 18 
Ivins, Richard 

Jackson, Ralph Jr. 147 
Jackson, Jerry 17, 112 
Jacobs, Gil 76, 147 
Jaeger, David 112 

Jakovich, John 112 
James, John 147 
Jandura, Matt 147 
Jarotkiewicz, Ed 112 
Jasper, Jacqueline 12, 147 
Jekabsons, Aija 24, 25, 26, 29, 69, 

Jennings, Carol 126 
Jensen, Sandra 
Jock, Barbara 16,112 
Johnson, Barbara 17, 19, 112 
Johnson, Charles 150 
Johnson, Connie 15, 112, 123 
Johnson, Ed 126 
Johnson, Gerald A. 112 
Johnson, Gerald G. 
Johnson, James 112 
Johnson, James Joe 112 
Johnson, Janice L. 18,112 
Johnson, Joyce 150 
Johnson, Len 112 
Johnson, Robert 
Johnson, Ron 113 
Johnson, Tom 
Johnson, Thomas Edward 
Johnson, Thomas Lee 113,150 
Johnston, Larry 
Johnston, Ronald 113 
Joly, Robert 
Jones, Dave 
Jones, Harry R. 113 
Jones, Raymond 16, 113 
Jontes, Diane 113 
Jorges, Dave 113 
Jostak, Stephen 93, 95, 97, 113 
Julian, Jerry 

Jungles, Robert 126 
Jurkovich, Thomas 113 

Kaleta, Albert 
Kaluzny, Paul 150 
Kaman, Norman 18, 19, 109, 113 
Kane, Robert 
Kapala, Ronald 20, 113 
Kapetanovic, Vic 
Karges, Jana 113 
Kaveny, Phillip 17,18,113 
Kay, Gordon 74,79 
Keating, Kathy 
Keca, Judy 113 

Keeffer, Carol Lynn 18,24,26,113 
Kegley, Robert 
Kehlenbach, Richard 
Keigher, Patrick 
Kelly, W. James 113 
Kemp, Thomas E. 
Kemp, Thomas E. 
Kenyon, Lila Kay 18,113 
Kerr, Robert 22, 91 
Kettman, Gordon 113 
Keys, Fannie Lou 113 
Kiely, Gerard 

Kienlen, (Larry) John 16,21,28,73 
Kienlen, Tom 73, 74, 150 
Kimsey, J. Loran 11, 16, 21, 103, 15C 
King, David 113 
King. Kenneth G. 113 
Kinsella, Daniel 113 
Kinzler, Richard 
Kistner, Dala 16, 113 
Kleck, Robert Jr. 24, 113 
Klett, Nancy Lee 19.150 
Klinger, Robert 113 
Klover, Tom 113 
Kmetz, Robert 
Knarr, Richard 150 
Knarr, Thomas 113 
Knutson, Donald 
Kobe. Nick 77 

Kociuba, Joseph 24, 26, 27, 113 
Koenig, Carol 24, 25, 26, 62, 118, 

Kohl, Merwin 113 
Kokosz, Barbara 
Kompare, Thomas 113 
Kon, Dorothy 150 
Korelc, Sharon 113 
Korst, Sharon 113 
Kostecki, Michael 17, 150 
Kotowicz, Andy 73, 150 
Kousathanas, Tom 126 
Kousathanas, Thomas 126 
Kovacevich, Nick 
Koval, Robert 150 

Kozlowski, David 24,28,113 
Kozoman, Robert 150 
Kramer, Gus 150 
Krapf, Bill 150 
Krapf, Dennis 113 
Kreten, Joseph 114 
Kristofer, George 114 
Krohn, Kaye 164 
Kroschell, Kay 150 
Kruck, Martha Emery 114 
Krull, A. Robert 114 
Kruse, Ruth 16,114 
Kuban, Joseph 91,150 
Kucinic, Thomas 150 
Kulof, Robert W. 150 
Kump, Maria 114 
Kunis, John 
Kurator, Ray 
Kureghian, Arthur 19 
Kurtz, Lucy 16 
Kuzminski, Patricia 99,114 
Kwarta, Dean 
Kwiatek, Charlotte 126 

Lackey, Tom 114 
Lagger, Tom 114 
LaFontaine, Curt 158 
Laird, Lynn 114 

Laken, Thomas 22,29, 93, 96, 150 
Lakota, Jerry 14, 114 
Lambakis, Mary Ann 23,29,75,150 
Lane, Fred 114 
Langeland, Gary 114 
Langlois, Darrell 
Lanham, Sue 19,24,114 
Lapikas, Dennis 22, 91 , 94, 114 
Larking, Robert 15, 114 
Larson, Linda Lou 
Larson, Ralph 114 
Larson, Tim 
Lau, Hogan 

Lauffer, Alma 11, 17, 19, 24, 150 
Lauffer, Steve 152 
Lawson, Kenneth 18, 29, 152 
Layette, Janice 164 
Layfield, Kathy 114 
Leathers, Lonnie 114 
Lee, Michael 
Leifheit, Louise 114 
Levek, Thomas 114 
Levering, Al C. 13,114 
Lewandowski, Kathryn 114 
Lewellyn, Gene 114 
Lewin, Bruce 126 
Lewis, Arthur 114 
Lewis, Marlene 114 
Lewis, Robert 15 

Liberatore, John 114 
Lichtenwalter, Dale 
Liggett, Melinda 16,114 
Limbach, Jim 114 
Limebeck, Ronald 114 
Little, George 152 
Locke, James 114 
Lockhart, Tom 126 
Lockwood, Diane 72 
Lockwood, Don Lee 114 
Lofdahl, Georgia 19,114 
Lois, James 126 
Long, George 114 
Long, Stephen 91 
Low, Anne 28,75 
Lubick, Marsha 11,23.115 
Lubway, Lawrence 115 
Ludden, Edward 115 
Lukancic, Angela 
Lukancic, James 115 
Lukanich, Frank 115 
Lukanich, Sharyn 115 
Lukasevich, Nick 
Luman, George 
Lustick, Dave 152 
Lynch, William 115 
Lyttle, Robert 126 

Macaluso, Joanne 115 

MacDonald, Neal 24,25,29,65,68,73,115 
MacDonald, Norman 18, 78, 91 , 115 
Madison, Jim 
Madsen, James 
Mahoney, Patricia 99, 152 
Mahoney , Peggy 
Maielli, Joe 17,18.115 
Maitland, Sharon 19.115 
Malinovich. Mildred 115 
Malinowski, William J. 126 
Mance, James 91,152 
Mandeville, Carol 115 
Manfred, Robert 
Manner, Suzanne 115 
Manning, Richard 115 
Mansell, Robert 115 
Mansholt, Judith 16, 115 
Manzke, Robert 115 
Marchio, James 115 
Marco,. Bill 22,91,152 
Marconi, Joe 16,126 
Marion, Thomas 15,152 
Mark, Judy 
Markwell, David 
Marocco, Norman 
Marr, Geraldyne 164 
Marshall, Charles 126 
Marshall, John 124,152 

Martin, John 115 

Martin, Michael 115 

Martin, Robert 91,115 

Marvic. Jerry 126 

Marvic. Vince 152 

Marzec, Dennis 115 

Maske, Donna M. 115 

Mason, Frank 152 

Mathisen, Larry 92,95 

Matlock, Robert 

Maue, Duane 115 

Mauer, Robert 115 

McCabe, Ray 

McCarthy, William 

McClain. Roger 

McCleary, Diane 115 

McClintock, Richard 153 

McComb, Marilyn 115 

McCowan, Donald 153 

McCoy, Karen 16,115 

McCraith, Marsha 15,115 

McCreery, Linda 16,115 

McCullum, Albert 127 

McCure, Ronald 115 

Mc Daniel, Robert 91,116 

McDaniel, Roger 91 

McEwen, Edna 116 

McGowan, Bernard 

McGuire, James 153 

McKeon, Michael 116 

McKinney, Jerilyn 24,153 

McLain, Michael 116 

McMahon, Patricia 21,28,153 

McNear, Patricia 116 

McNichols, John 116 

McTee, William 

Mechling, Bruce 

Meeker, Layne 13,116 

Meers, Mavis 

Meiferdt, Lawrence 

Melin, E. Carl 116 

Menees, Claude 116 

Mentzer, Barbara 

Merfeld, Michael 15,152 

Merlo, Marietta 15,23,153, 

Merrell , Barbara 1 6 , 23 , 65 , 72 , 1 53 

Merrick, Robert 125 

Meurer, Leonard 

Meyer, David 

Meyer, James 

Meyer, Lawrence 116 

Meyer, Robert 116 

Meyer, Rowland 116 

Meyer, Susan 116 

Meyer, Thomas 

Meyers, Albert 17,153 

Mickelson, James 116 


Midlock, Joseph 116 

Miklic, H. John 116 

Miklic , Leonard 153 

Mikulich, Jerome 10,14,116 

Miller, Arnold 116 

Miller, Judi 116 

Miller, Loren 91,116 

Miller, Lorna 16,116 

Miller, Paul 

Miller, Robert 

Misischia, David 153 

Mitchell, Edward 116 

Mitchell, James 

Mitzit. David 21 

Mlakar, Barbara 116 

Molnar, Donald 1 16 

Mondy, Vivian 16,116 

Montanus. Eugene 

Montgomery, Jackie 153 

Moore, Rick 116 

Moores, Gary 116 

Morawski, Lois 

Morelli, David 116 

Morganegg, Susan 16,116 

Morgan, Sandra 116 

Morris, Clarence 

Morris, James 29, 102, 116, 113, 125 

Morris, Larry 11,16,21, 153 

Morrison, William 164 

Morse, Beverly 18, 116 

Mortiner, Pamela 116 

Muehler, Paula 154 

Muhich, Joan 116 

Mulvihill, Judith 

Munch, Robert 148 

Murphy, Don 127 

Murray, Thomas 

Murrie, Sue 117 

Mushro, George 117 

Mutz, Richard 117 

Myers, Ralph 117 

Namchick, Roy 1 17 
Nay, Stephen 
Neal, Donald 16,117 
Needles, John 16,117 
Nelsen, Joyce 117 
Nelson, Gordon 117 
Nelson, Janess 
Nelson, Lynda 117 
Nelson, Richard 117 
Nelson, Roy 24,62, 117 
Nelson, William 164 
Nemanich, Richard 117 
Nemecek, James 117 
Nemeth, Allen 117 
Newcomb, Roberta 117 


Nicholls, Charles 
Nicholls, Kathleen 104,117 
Nicholson, John 
Nicoll, John 21,154 
Niemann, Judy 16,117 
Nolan, Lawrence 154 
Noll, Stuart 21.127 
Nordmeyer, Nancy 16,117 
Norris, James 117, 154 
Norris Richard 29 
Norris, Robert 
North, James 117 
Norton, Harold 117 
Nudd, Thomas 21, 117 
Nussbaum, John 1 17 

Oard, Melvin 117 
Obert, P. James 
Obermayer, Virginia 117 
O'Connor, Carol M. 26,103,117 
O'Connor, Dennis 117 
O'Dell, Robert 91,117 
Odenthal, John 
O'Donnell, Jon 21,79 
O'Kain, Patricia 117 
Olson, Linda 117 
Olson, Roger 117 
Onsgard, Mike 19 
Orosco, Marie 16, 117 
Orosco, Paul 154 
Orr, Robert 
O'Shea, Louis 118 
Oseman, Shirley 127 
Osmus, Susan 118 
Osterholtz, Janet 118 
Ott, Joal 

Pacin, Ronald 16,118 
Pajak, Thomas 154 
Palmer, Kenneth 19, 118 
Paluck, Robert 127 
Paluzzi, Ronald 
Papesh, Beatrice 118 
Parkis, Clifford 
Parnell, Clyde 118 
Pasteris, James 
Pasternak, LaVonne 118 
Patterson, James H. 118 
Paul, Duane 10,118 
Paul, Eileen 127 
Pearson, Bonnie 23, 65, 74, 154 
Peceniak, Gloria 118 
Peceniak, John 98,118 
Peckenpaugh, Richard 118 
Peel, Terry 15,118 
Pelkey, Jay 14,118 
Pell, Allen 

Pell, Nick 

Pellegrini, Kenneth 91,93 
Pelton, Karen 118 
Peppard, Gerard 118 
Perry, David L. 10 
Petan, William J. 
Peterman, Carolyn 154 
Peterson, Chris 154 
Peterson, Douglas 
Peterson, Jane 16,118 
Peterson, Larry 154 
Peterson, Ronald E. 118 
Petrinos, Ronald 11,98,154 
Petterson, Patricia 
Phelps, Carla 154 
Phelps, Sandra 118 
Philipps, Karen 16,118 
Picciolo, John 
Pickering, James 
Pickett, Kathy 127 
Pillion, Ray 118 
Pinn, Chris 25,155 
Pirc, Frank 155 
Pirc, Larry 127 
Piatt, Beverly 118 
Pluth, Sandra 23,63,164 
Podnar, Ronald 
Pohl, Jon 65 
Pollock, Bernard 155 
Price, Ronald 
Prof fit, Judy 16,127 
Provance, George 
Province, Henry 118 
Prueter, William 118 
Pruss, Thomas 118 
Prynn, Patsy Ann 19,118 
Purdy, William L. 155 
Pyle, James 27,118 

Querio, Robert 14,28,29,73,155 
Quiram, Michael 

Radakovich, George 118 
Radle, Lana 118 
Ragan, Ronald 155 
Ramsey, William 155 
Ramuta, Francis 127 
Range, Ferdinand 118 
Rasmussen, William 118 
Rasor, Laural 118 
Rath, William 
Raub, Harold 

Rauworth, Barbara Jean 18, 117, IIJ 
Rawlish, Garald M. 119 
Ray, Rita 127 
Reeves, Janet 127 
Reeves, Ronald 119 

Remaks, Richard 

Reposh, Albert 17,19,119 

Restaino, Patrick 119 

Resutko, Tom 127 

Re?zel, JoAnn 155 

Rice, John 18,119 

Richards, Delmar 16,119,124 

Richards, Kathie 99,119 

Richardson, Gordon 119 

Rickhoff, Thomas L. 

Rigg, Duane 24,119 

Rinehart, Sharon 18,155 

Roach, James 108,119 

Roberts, Anita 155 

Roberts, Donna 119 

Robinson, Katherine 119 

Rodeghiero, J. Scott 29, 54, 55, 155, 151 

Rodgers, Faye 119 

Rodriguez, Frederick 10 

Rodriguez, Henry 119 

Roechner, Andrew 16,119 

Rogers, Evelyn 155 

Rogers, John 156 

Rojo, Raul 119 

Rolih, John 119 

Roman, Connie 11, 99, 156 

Roman, Joseph 

Roots, Jeff 119 

Rosczyk, Mary Lou 119 

Rossetto, Edward 

Roth, David 156 

Rothlisberger, Helen 11,156 

Rubocki, John 91,119 

Ruddy, Marianne 119 

Rudney, Michael 119 

Ruettiger, Lawrence 

Rungaitis, James 127 

Rushing, James 

Russ, Gerald 156 

Russ, Joseph 119 

Russell, Janice 21,23,156 

Rust, Sandra 119 

Rutter, Richard 

Ruettiger, Lawrence 119 

Saieg, Robert 119 
Sak, Charlotte 11,19,119 
Sampson, J. Robert 
Sandahl, David 15.156 
Sandberg, Kenneth 119 
Sandberg, Martha 24,156 
Sandberg, Robert 17,18,27.119 
Sanders, Sandra Jo 156 
Sandiford, Doris 16,156 
Santini. Lawrence 119 
Santini, Lydia 
Sarcletti, Robert 119 

Scherer, Paul 

Scheuber, Richard 98 

Schmalz, Earl 

Schmucker, James 119 

Schorie, John 

Schroeder, Melanie 16,23,28,73,76, 

Schuler, Judith 120 

Schultz, James 156 

Schultz, JoAnn 120 

Schultz, Joseph 120 

Schultz, Judith 120 

Schulz, Bertha 23,73 

Schuman, Janet 24, 120 

Schwartz, James 120 

Schwartz, Marsha 11,120 

Schwarz, Marlene 16,120 

Schwarz, Mitchell 120 

Schweizer, Ronald 

Scott, Jason 22,91,93 

Seaborg, Howard 

Secor, Roger 120 

Seehafer, John 120 

Seeman, Dianne 120 

Seller, Nancy 127 

Semitekol, Suzi 120 

Senffner, Roy 120 

Setina, Henry 

Sharp, Marty 12,13,78, 114,120,130 

Shaw, Robert 120 

Shepley, Paul 

Shepherd, Gerald 120 

Sheridan, William 120 

Shields, Richard 

Shiffer, John 16,120 

Shingler, Bonnie 23, 118, 120 

Shope, Gerald 120 

Sicinski, Judi 120 

Siddall, Marvin 120 

Siegmund, Jeanne 157 

Siegmund, Sally 16,127 

Sifferd, Dorothy 157 

Simon, Joseph 91,120 

Simonetti, Marilyn 12, 78, 120 

Simonic, Ronald 

Simpson, Steve 27, 120 

Sims, Betty 127 

Sims, John 29, 94. 97,120 

Sineni, Louis 127 

Sing, Phyllis 16,120 

Singleman, Dennis 120 

Sitar, Frank 120 

Skeel, Cynthia 137 

Skikas, Karen 127 

Skinner, Karen 120 

Skinner, Richard 14,157 

Skoien, Terry Sue 

Slaboszeski, John 

Slana, Mary Alice 120 
Slater, Donna 120 
Slatton, Renee 11,24,149,157 
Slocum, Thomas 
Small, Larry 
156 Smith, Bruce 120 
Smith, Donald 157 
Smith, Carlton L. 121 
Smith, Judith 16,121 
Smith, Julia 121 
Smith, Margaret 17,18,121 
Smith. Mary Kay 11,121 
Snedic, Ronald 11,157 
Snell, Ronald 127 
Snider, Ann 121 
Sorensen, Joan 12,13.121 
Sorenson, Darlene 
Spalding, John 157 
Sparks, Jack 121 

Speckman, Joyce 23,19,12,28,99,148,157 
Speicher, James 121 
Spencer, John 
Spina, James 121 
Spisak, Barbara 157 
Spivey, William 157 
Staehling, Nancy 121 
Stalzer, Janet 121 
Stanfield, Sally 121 
Stangeland, Douglas 157 
Stanley, Charles 121 
Stanley, James 127 
Stapleton, Gerald 121 
Stariha, Winnie 160 
Staples, Robert 160 
Startz, Margie 19, 160 
Steffes, Karen 121 
Steiger, Thomas 121 
Steinmann. Fred 
Stelter, Robert 121 
Stempien. Carol 121 
Stenzel, Russell 
Stephens, Barbara 121 
Sternisha, Rosalie 160 
Stine, James G. 121 
Stinebring, Evelyn 
Stone, Bruce 121 
Stone, Michael 121 
Strappazon, Carol 
Strode, Lyle 
Strong, Dennis 91,121 
Strong, Joseph 121 
Stroup, Hilda 121 
Stubblefield. Lester 91, 121 
Stull. Marsha 12,160 
Sula, Steve 
Sullivan, Dennis 121 
Sullivan. John 160 


Sullivan, Nita 160 
Svendsen, Paul 121 
Sweedler. Ronald 
Swindells, Robert 14,121 
Swinford, Donna Mae 160 
Swinford, Ronald 121 
Sykes, James 91,160 
Szopinski, Charles 121 
Szymanski, Dennis 121 

Tabor, Betty 11,18,121 
Tadey, Stephen 122 
Tallman, William 127 
Tate, George 10,122 
Taylor, Dennis D. 
Thomas, Robert 122 
Thompson, Fred 10, 122 
Thompson, Patricia 24, 122 
Thorington, John 
Thorsen, Timm 122 
Thorsen, Roger 160 
Tierney, Sandra 15, 160 
Tiltins. Bruno 
Togliatti, David 
Togliatti, Marc 122 
Toovey, Robert 
Townsend, Terry 15,122 
Townsend, Thomas 122 
Tozzi, Janet 102,99,119,122,125 
Tratensek, Ted 
Traven, John 122 
Triner, Merikay 122 
Trizna, Frank 
Troughton, Edward 122 
Troughton, Thomas 160 
Troutman, James 15, 28, 161 
Troutman, Lawrence 91 , 161 
Trouper, L. Robert 122 
Tunell, Sandra 
Tunell. Steve 127 
Turcotte, Charles 122 
Turner, Carol Mae 161 
Tusek, Carol 23,122 
Tyrrell, Kenneth 24, 26, 122 

Uhren, Kenneth 161 
Ulrich, John 122 

Vaksdal, Arthur 161 
Valerio, Charles 161 
Van Allen, Louise 161 
Vandarakis, James 
Van Duyne, Herman 
Van Duke, Linda 127 
Van Dyke, Patricia 18,23,161 
Vargas, Cecilia 11,16,19,24,26,161 
Varju, Rosemarie 122 

Varley, Roger 122 

Vasile, Ronald 122 

Vaughn, Ronald W. 15,161 

Venture, Victor 127 

Vercellotti, Margaret 122 

Vercelote, Louis 98 

Verchimak, Andrew 122 

Vespie, Carolyn 127 

Vidmar, Kathleen 122 

Visconti, Robert C. 11,24,26,149,161 

Viscum, Karen 23,122 

Viskocil, JoAnn 

Voltarel, Janice 23,122 

Vrba , Andrew 

Wagnon, Travis 161 
Wahl, Bernard 122 
Waldhauser, Ralph 127 
Walker, Arthur 122 
Walker, Daniel 162 
Walker, John 162 
Walker, Julie 11,18,19,164 
Walker, Kenneth 162 
Walkey, George 
Ward, James 162 
Ward, Virginia 23,29,122 
Warning, John W. 
Warren, Barbara 16 
Warthen, David 91,73,162 
Warthen, David Lee 
Wason, Albert 
Watson, James 162 
Weatherly, William 123 
Weibeler, Carolyn Lee 123 
Weinhold, Roger 
Weldin, Rae 122,123 
Wells, Richard 162 
Wenger, William 17, lb, 162 
Werner, Nancy 15,123 
Werner, Ronald M. 123 
West, Brian 123 
Westerfield, Ronald 162 
White. Donel 91.123 
White, Gwendolyn 18,123 
White, Neil 17,18,123 
Whitler, Robert 123 
Whitman, Sarah 
Whitmer, Jerry 

Wicburg. Leona 28,68,72,75,76 
Widner. Wayne 123 
Wiechen, Michael 123 
Wiegmann. James 15.162 
Wilharm. Janeann 123 
Wilhelm. Herman 
Wilhelm, John 123 
Wilkie, Ruth 16,123 

Wille, Richard 123 

Willey, Gerald 28,29,65,162 

Williams, Terry Shelton 12,13.149, 1 

Williams, Walter 22,91 

Williamson, Janet 11,163 

Wills, Darlene 12,13,62.63,72,77,9! 

Wilson, Larry 123 

Wilson. Patricia 123 

Wilson, Warren 127 

Wingler, Donald 123 

Winkler, Sharon 16.123 

Winterbottom, Kenneth 163 

Wiseman, Ray 

Wizorek, Maxine 123 

Wojciechowski, Stanley 14, 123 

Wold. Gilbert 

Wolf, Robert 123 

Wolfe, Carol 123 

Wohlgemuth. Sally 16. 72. 123 

Wood, Brian 162 

Woodward, Laura 123 

Word, Armarie 

Wright, Richard 17,19,148,163 

Wright, Robert 123 

Wrobel, Ronald 163 

Wrona, Virginia 127 

Yapilioglu, Mahir 123 
Yarbrough, Dean Larry 123 
Yero, Jack 127 
Yocum, William 123 
Yocum, Gary 123 
Yonke, Joyce 127 
Yother, Larry 
Young, Dennis 123 
Young. Joseph 17, 19,123 
Young, Leon 10,163 
Young, Richard 123 
Yunker, Leslie 15,163 

Zahm, Donna 19, 124 
Zahm, Maxine 
Zebell, Patricia 23,24,163 
Zeleznik, Joseph 
Zentarski, Lois 11.24. 69, 124 
Zettergren, Leslie 124 
Ziech, Douglas 
Ziech, Kent 163 
Ziesmer, Larry 
Zimmerman. Eleanor 163 
Zinneman. Thomas 127 
Zinser. Beatrice 23.124 
Zitter, Edward 
Zitzke, Richard 127 
Znidarsic, Robert 124 
Zoran, Joseph 



r-sT' . 




" >•«;>; 

' -- --its?,